The Newest trends in Bridal Jewellery

It is wedding season and I can’t stop writing on my favorite topic “Bridal Jewellery”. Like every other season, the wedding season brings with it bunch of wedding cards, shopping, festivities and a lot of celebrations. The best part I like about wedding is that you get to dress differently for every occasion like Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeet and for the actual wedding too.

The second best part comes in enjoying every moment being a bride or a bride’s bestie or a bridesmaid or brides very close cousin. The third thing I love about weddings are the unending sumptuous food followed by sweets. For those of us who have a sweet tooth, it is nothing short of a carnival. Well they say keep the best at the last and unbeatably best and luxurious thing above all is the Jewellery.

When I talk about Jewellery, I rather stick to Bridal Jewellery considering the season. Bulky, heavy, Yellow gold filled voluminous Jewellery is no longer the order of the day. Bridal Jewellery is all about bringing home the Luxury of different workmanships, culmination of metals, reusability, versatile pieces and many more factors that are offered by current Jewellers.  One look at the Bridal Jewellery designs would make you long for them. Jewellers for long have been transitioning their designs as per the need of the customers, this is the first time there is an effort to make bridal Jewellery wearable even on regular days. There are few shifts that Bridal Jewellery went through in the recent past such as:

vaddanam The Newest trends in Bridal Jewellery

1.The Reusability Factor: Just like bridal wear, bridal Jewellery until now was designed heavily and with less scope of using them as a daily wear or occasionally also. Example a Vaddanam was made populated with design which limited it to be used very occasionally with no choice but to keep in the safe deposit locker for long durations. Now there is a change in karigars designing style, Jewellery focused on reusality are designed. 7-in-1 one Vaddanams, 5-in-1 Vaddanams, 3-in 1 Vaddanams are classic example to this. They enable the customers to wear it multiple times in multiple ways like Haram, Pendant, Necklace, Vanki, Maang tikka etc.

matching The Newest trends in Bridal Jewellery

2. The Matching Factor: This is much like the above discussed point where slight design changes have been made for the customer to enable them to change the colours of gemstone Jewellery such as Necklaces, Bangles and Ear studs to match them with your beautiful attires.

3. Team up in Style: Karigars for long have designed individual Jewellery items, the newest trend in retail Jewellery is teaming up a set for the bride. Example: recently Vaibhav Jewellers– A South Indian leading Jeweller launched a Bridal campaign and the Jewellery was an eye treat. A classic example of the team up Bridal set is their Polki Bridal set consisting of Vaddanam, Vanki, Maang Tikka, Polki Haram, Polki Necklace, pair of Bangles and Earrings. Enjoy the benefits that come along like video

twinup The Newest trends in Bridal Jewellery

4. Twin up in Style: For those of you waiting for your best friend’s wedding or a cousins wedding I suggest them to twin up. Example: if you already have a Vaddanam, select a matching Vanki design or vice versa. Few more twin Jewellery items are a sizeable Maang tikka and Chandelier Earrings, Cocktail rings with attached bangle bracelet, Haram and Necklace pair, Stackable bangles and oversized Maang tikka. An example for bride is the Maang tikka along with Matha patti along and gold choker or bib necklace that is in vogue now.

5. Another noticeable change in design is the replacement of gold with beads like the Emerald beads, petite pearls, hollow gold balls, sizeable pearl balls with gold outlining, use of non precious, semi precious and precious gemstones which are way less than gold and elegant in design too. Thereby reducing the Jewellery price to a certain extent.

Having got clear insights on Bridal trends, I sign off here to and hoping that you make the most by shopping intelligently.

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