Do I need a whole house steam humidifier

No matter what kind of climate you live in, investing in a whole house steam humidifier is a wise idea. Dry air can contribute to sinus troubles, allergies, and itchy skin. If your home is particularly dry, various items (such as musical instruments) inside of your home may also be negatively impacted by dry air.

whole house steam humidifier

Humidify For Your Health

Most experts agree that the amount of humidity inside of any home should be between 35 to 50 percent. This ideal temperature can be easily reached with a proper whole house steam humidifier. Most homes become too dry during winter months when home heating is in use. Heating your home may provide a comfortable atmosphere, but a home that is too dry may cause health problems.

Dehydration can occur when the air inside of a home does not have an adequate amount of humidity. In addition, people who suffer from asthma or respiratory diseases frequently breathe easier inside of comfortably humid home. Controlling the amount of moisture that exists inside of your house is simple with a home humidifier.

Where Does All the Moisture Go?

Even though avoiding respiratory illnesses is important, there are other reasons why purchasing a whole house steam humidifier is a good idea. The furniture inside of a home easily absorbs a fair amount of moisture. Without adding extra moisture to the air, water particles that should be absorbed by the body are, instead, absorbed by inanimate objects. The result of this absorption process is air that is too dry to breathe.

Lower Your Heating Costs

A home can feel relatively cold even when your heaters are turned on. This occurs due to the fact that dry air simply feels colder than warm air. When you take the time to make sure that the air inside of your home is moist, you will also notice that your home feels warmer. After you have adequately added humidity to your home, your heating costs will decrease.

Signs You Need a whole house steam humidifier

The only way to accurately tell if you need to purchase a whole house steam humidifier is to invest in a hygrometer. This device will read the current humidity level inside of your home. If you do not have enough humidity inside of your house, a humidifier will make a large difference. If the air inside of your house feels dry (or if your skin is consistently dry), then you may need a whole house steam humidifier.

Ideal Temperatures Are Important

While there’s no doubt that the air inside of your home should be relatively humid, it is also important not to add too much humidity. When a home is too humid, bacteria and mold can begin to develop. Thus, it’s a good idea to purchase a humidity reader (many whole house humidifier include moisture gauges). Keep in mind that the ideal humidity level inside of a home is between 35 to 50 percent, and your home will become a comfortable haven in no time.

Whole House Steam Humidifier Buying Guide: Top Features

The market is virtually flooded with whole house humidifier, and if you’re shopping solely by brand or price, you’re likely to miss an important feature. Instead of basing your decision on whatever is cheapest, pay attention to what you’re getting for your money. Keep the following desirable key features in mind as you shop for your next whole house humidifier:

Technology Type

There are four main types of whole house humidifier: steamer/vaporizer, impeller, evaporative/wick and ultrasonic. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and depending on your needs, a $30 steam vaporizer won’t deliver the same value as a $30 ultrasonic humidifier. Read through our articles on each type of whole house humidifier so you know the difference.

Ease of Use

As a design aspect, usability won’t affect the price. Look for a whole house humidifier which is portable, has a removable tank for easy refilling and digital controls (if desired). Some humidifiers do not have removable tanks and others have tanks that are too tall to fit beneath a bathroom or kitchen faucet. Keep this in mind as you shop.


This is an important feature. Humidistats, like thermostats, will raise the humidity to a certain level and then automatically shut off. Without a humidistat, the humidifier may raise the humidity level to an excessive level, which can damage furniture, promote mold and bacteria growth and cause discomfort.


This is key and difficult to gauge from the box. But as a rule of thumb, steam humidifiers are almost always quieter than cool mist humidifiers. Read reviews or better yet, plug it in before buying it. If you’re buying online, also look for humidifiers that have adjustable fan settings. These allow you to have the humidifier on high during the day and then turn it to low at night for quieter operation while you sleep.


Some humidifiers come equipped with timers. These allow you to set your humidifier to begin operating before you arrive home and shut off automatically when you leave so that your home is always the right humidity.

Additional Features

These are the core features that make a humidifier a good buy. You may also see humidifiers advertised with antibacterial materials, ultraviolet lights, medicine chambers and other added features. The merits of these extras, however, are not as pivotal as the ones mentioned above, as studies measuring the effectiveness and value of antibacterial and UV systems are as of yet inconclusive.

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