Winter 2020 fashion essentials for women under 30

When it comes to fashion, individual style is of the essence. And trends can be fun too! So whether the style du jour is studs, fringe, leopard print, peasant tops or Parisienne, young adult women are going to have pieces in their wardrobe that they are always going to want and need. These fashion essentials are necessary for the fashion-conscious woman in her 20s. These ten items will get a lot of life in your closet that people don’t generally think to buy.

Winter 2020 fashion essentials for women under 30

Black and White Boatneck 3/4 Length Shirt: It’s the perfect shirt. It’s classic, not too girly but it can be as elegant and timeless and it can be edgy and alternative. If dressing for meeting his parents, pair it with a 3/4 length skirt in black or any dark solid color and a pair of flats. If running to class or an informal meeting, wear it with a leather jacket, skinny jeans and doc martens.

Cream or Black Pashmina: A pashmina can be a girl’s best friend. Keep in a big purse for cool nights in-between seasons. It instantly adds simple elegance to any outfit and it’s light and doesn’t take up that much room in a bag. Black is classic and goes with almost any outfit, but the cream is a nice alternative to complement a brown-based wardrobe or a fair complexion.

Contour Leggings: They provide the comfort of the legging, with the warmth of a path plus provide the ultimate shaping for the thighs and butt.

Jean Shorts: These can be created from any pair of old jeans. Adjust the length to suit the shorts purpose. Try wearing stockings or leggings under them for colder seasons. Add other layering elements like heavy scarves and gloves to complete the look.

Big Comfy Knitwear: The grey V-neck, oversized knitwear is another great, timeless item for a closet. Simple enough for layering. If it’s long enough, it can be worn as a dress with leggings.

A Distinctive Hoodie: Hoodies are a favorite for cold, winter days. They’re comfy and warm and always feel just right. Rather than going for a boring old hoodie, find one that complements the personal style.
Whether a bold color, heavy print, unique zipper or another distinctive design feature, make it special.

Tailored Blazer: A tailored blazer is the perfect thing to wear with skinny jeans and a fitted designer t-shirt to an informal meeting or something a woman would like to look sharp for.

Boyfriend Sweater: This is the perfect piece to add instant casual style to any outfit. It’s modest, it’s comfortable and it’s great for layering. Go for a more neutral color so that it can mix and match with many items in the wardrobe.

Rain Boots: These will come in hand for the warmer days after the snow in the slush. Nothing worse than wet feet. They also look great with warm thick socks peeking out from up top.

fashion essentials for women under 30

Ankle Boots: Classic leather ankle boots are the ultimate style of shoe. They’re never out of style, they’re young and they can be combined with jeans, leggings or even fancier pants.

Dressing in cold weather is always about mixing comfort, warmth and style. With these ten pieces, that look becomes easy to achieve for any time in the winter or colder in-between seasons.

Simple Style Tips for Women

If you are the kind of person that stares at a bulging wardrobe yet still cannot find something suitable to put on, then you may well be stuck in a style rut. If thinking of what to wear to the office every morning has become an ordeal then it is time to update your look!

Firstly there are two golden rules that you need to remember:

Being stylish has nothing to do with your size. It is about making the most of your shape.

Being stylish does not have to break the bank. In the words of Victoria Beckham in her book That Extra Half an Inch, (2007) “Whether you’ve got £20 to spend in Top Shop or £2,000 to spend at Gucci, looking good isn’t about money, it’s about style, and style never goes out of fashion.”

Getting older (or poorer) is no excuse to become stuck in a style rut. If you are unemployed or a stay-at-home mum, whilst having children and keeping the house may mean you have less time and money to spend on yourself, that doesn’t mean that you should feel any less attractive and desirable than you did when you were young, free and single or working!

Create Your Own Fashion Style

winter fashion essentials

In journalist Jacqui Ripley’s The Makeover Book (Piatkus 2004) she states, “The secret to pulling off desirable style is simply knowing what suits you and what most definitely doesn’t.” This ultimate look good book contains a wealth of practical and realistic information for the average woman who needs to give her wardrobe a workout. In it Ripley makes simple recommendations on improving your own fashion sense, some of which are incorporated in the advice below.

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