This Holiday, It’s time to Sell Music on USB Drives

This Holiday, It's time to Sell Music on USB Drives

Although the pandemic has made 2020 one of the worst years in history, there is no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate everything that’s still good, at least during the holidays. In fact, it should give us more reason to cherish what we have… and what better way to do it than through art music!

If you’re a musician feeling a little down right now because concerts are cancelled and bars are closed, roll your sleeves because it’s time to release your album…or just a few holiday songs. This doesn’t require a lot. Just record some cool tracks and put them in badass promotional USB flash drives for musicians. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do so there is almost zero risk. It’s not like vinyl that takes months and big bucks to make or CDs that need a lot of artwork prep and paperwork. It’s lowkey. It’s just a custom USB music card so there is no need for an official album release and gigs. The best thing about it is that you can even start promoting them without actually making the actual USB album cards yet.  If you’re a musician with some good following, there is only stuff to gain and nothing much to lose by releasing USB albums during the holidays.

Here’s a step by step guide on how release your music in custom USB drives during the holidays:

#1. Record your songs. Choose the songs you want to include in your “holiday special” USB album. It goes without saying, there should be some Christmas music in the mix even if they’re covers (just make sure you get rights) because that’s what this special release is for. You don’t have to give them the best of the best, in fact you shouldn’t. Just throw in a couple of really good songs, three holiday songs, and some fun bonus stuff.

#2. Come up with an album name. Find a good album name that matches your songs and your band’s personality. Make sure it also matches your artwork and your band’s overall brand. Album name matters a lot because it has to have that oomph and not just a general oomph, but the kind of oomph that would attract your kind of people, your soon-to-be fans and supporters. Most of all, It should be interesting enough that they’d actually click your link, buy your stuff, and share it to your friends.

#3. Design an artwork that matches the feel of your music. Since you’ll be making a custom USB album card, you have a small canvas for your album artwork. Make the most of it but don’t try too hard by adding too many colors and elements. If you really want more space, you can opt for a USB packaging that has a bigger space for artwork and even insert a booklet.

#4. Make a mockup of the USB music card. Although it’s cool to have the actual thing, you don’t have to have the USB album in your hands before you start marketing them. Just do a mockup and make some posters and banners then post them on your website and social media.

#5. Order on-demand. You can order a few pieces at a time and even let the media manufacturer deliver your USB album directly to your fans’ doorsteps. This eliminates the possibility of overproduction and totally removes your stress for shipping. Let your manufacturer handle everything for you because you’ve already put in all the effort in creating your album.

So you see? Nowadays, it really is so easy for musicians to release albums and merch. It might only take a week or even less to make a holiday USB album and with very little financial risk. Releasing a holiday album can give you some bucks, is great for your marketing, but most of all, it could bring a smile and cheer up some folks during a stressful time. And isn’t that what music is for?

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