How To Evolve Your Rental Property Portfolio

If you want to improve your rental property portfolio, there should be some tips to follow. In nutshell below things are to be remembered:

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– With slight growth you need to have some change in the property management strategy.

– For your multiple properties never stick to an outsourced property management company, you may lose control to great extent. It is suggested to have in-house property management.

– It is to always take note that such business requires acquiring assets on regular basis.

Up to 3 properties mean self-management

rental property portfolio

Yes, for up to 3 properties you don’t need the help of a property management company. You can take care everything of it yourself. You can look after the leasing part, the managing, rental payments and also the maintenance as wel as bookkeeping. If your proerty grows from three to five, it is time for you to take the help of experts as you can’t handle alone. If the growth reaches ten you need to treat it like a business.

More than ten properties

When you reach at least 10 properties, it is time to hire a part time in-house property manager. The person will do all the leasing, managing and rent collecting. For the bookkeeping part you can take the help of software like AppFolio, Yardi and PropertyWare. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to take a legitimate property management software only. Don’t completely depend on spreadsheets and Quickbooks.

How To Improve Your Rental Property Portfolio

If your property count increases to twenty, it is suggested to hire a full-time, in-house portfolio manager. You can also become a manager provided you have enough time to invest in it as it will be a full-time job. Obviously if property becomes your only source of income, you will surely do the managerial part.

As your business grows further you need to structure all the leasing, managing, collecting rent, dealing with maintenance and also the bookkeeping part. The portfolio is now really large and it is suggested to once again go to the property management company. Taking the help of experts will also help you in becoming familiar to the structure part and in future you can do it yourself. It will be required when you own a large rental company. You need to then know how exactly things can be done.

Bottom line

The above tips are proven and it is true too strategy need to be changed as you grow. Taking help of experts is required, but not forever. You need to learn the art too.

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