How To Choose Perfect Sports Drink

4es Finding the good for oneself is a matter of test, test and test. However, here are some tips that you can rely on to find your right sports drink:

sports drink


Spread out test sessions if you have available time of about a week. With each test do the exact same things like eating same food, getting same amount of sleep and following same pre-hydration routine. Don’t forget to match calorie consumption every time.

Repeatable effort

Ride the same course each time in your test ride. Record the key metrics like power output and heart rate. Don’t forget to measure how your legs and stomach felt.

Trust gut

Ensure that the hydration product should not make you feel like crap. You may come across such products that don’t pass the test. If you are not comfortable using it while being at home all day, there are less chances it will work while you are out. Exercise then will be stressful. The same product may not make you feel good during outdoor activity if it turns your stomach into knots when not under stress of exercise.

Day after

You should also take care how the recovery proceeds. Know whether you suffered from any post-ride stomach discomfort. Know whether you slept well. These are important to consider while choosing a sports drink for yourself.

Check scale

Don’t forget to weigh yourself before the exercise or ride and also after the exercise or ride. If you didn’t lose much weight, it means the product is suitable for you. If you lose weight too much, discontinue the drink. This is a valuable metric as experts say it indicates an improvement in hydration.


Do know that a perfect drink will always improve your performance and it will not make you feel tired sooner. The measurement part is important and so it is urged to avoid making any mistake. Spread the test to at least a week for good result and take the help of others if you are doubtful in finding the correct result. Never continue taking wrong sports drink as it will affect your performance widely and you may get ill too if proper care is not taken. Share your own views too how you choose your sports drink with fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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