Collecting F1 Model Cars

Collecting model Formula 1 cars has been a popular pastime for many years. Nowadays, with state of the art engineering and a wider choice of Grand Prix cars than ever before, it is relatively easy to build an impressive collection of F1 model cars.

Collecting F1 Model Cars

F1 Model Car Collection Themes

Many collectors focus on acquiring Formula 1 models which fit a particular theme. There are numerous themes which can be used to construct a collection around. F1 cars driven by certain drivers or cars made by a certain team. Some try to find F1 model cars of every World Champion from 1950 until the present day.

Choosing a Scale for F1 Model Cars

F1 model cars are produced in two main scales. These are 1:43 scale and 1:18 scale. Although the latter are impressive in size and detail they can take up a lot of room. For those wishing to build a large F1 model car collection 1:43 scale is often a more realistic choice. Some companies do produce models in other scales, ranging from tiny 1:87 scale model Formula 1 cars to enormous and expensive 1:4 scale creations.

F1 Model Cars

Finding Formula 1 Model Cars

The company best known for producing contemporary F1 model cars is Minichamps. Their F1 model cars are widely available in model shops and via mail order websites. Other companies also produce Formula 1 model cars, including many from bygone years. These include Brumm, Exoto and CMC. Both Exoto and CMC models cost considerably more due to the many parts used to make the models and the incredible detail.

Toy fairs are also worth visiting to locate F1 model cars. There are always many available on eBay, where Formula 1 models can often be obtained for a fraction of their original price. When collecting Formula 1 model cars it is essential to keep the original packaging in good condition. Without it models lose much of their value.

Displaying F1 Model Cars

Formula 1 Model Cars

Several companies offer bespoke display units for collections, and they can prove to be a worthwhile investment. Ideally, models should be displayed in glass cases away from dust and direct sunlight. Other methods of displaying include battery operated turntables, which F1 model cars can be placed upon.

When starting a collection of F1 model cars it is important to think of a theme and stick to it. It is also vital to have a realistic budget in mind and not to overspend. This can mean searching around for a good deal or waiting a while before purchasing a particular model. Formula 1 model car collections can represent an excellent investment, as many models appreciate in value as they become rarer. This is particularly the case with limited editions.

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