Why MLB is far better than the NFL?

Why MLB is far better than the NFL

Both the MLB and the NFL are extremely popular among the Americans. Baseball is famous as America’s Pastime while the NFL’s Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in all of North America. Still, if it comes to picking one then the MLB is the clear winner. Here is why:

1- MLB is played in Summer:

Baseball games are played in the summer. That means you can enjoy the game in all the warmth of the sun. There is a reason why baseball players are called the Boys of Summer. This is the time when you get together with your family and enjoy your food with all the kids on their vacations. While on the other hand, the NFL continues during all the snow and rain.

2- MLB has a long History:

The MLB has got a long history to boast about. The beginning of baseball is estimated to begin as far back as the 18th Century. Though it is acknowledgable that the pro football began as early as 1862, still the NFL did not begin until 1920. While the MLB’s long history dates back to 1871 when it actually started.

3- NFL is expensive:

While entertainment is necessary for all Americans, but the pricing for that entertainment is also something worth looking out for, and many Americans do. And so in terms of the costs, the MLB is clearly the winner. Just compare the average costs for both the MLB and the NFL, you will clearly notice a major difference between them.

4- Lesser Strikes:

While the history of the MLB has not been so clean in terms of strikes, but the recent years of labor peace is something very significant to notice. Surprisingly, it has seen uninterrupted labor peace for about 21 years now. While the same can’t be said about the NFL, NBA and NHL where strikes cause work stoppages every now and then.

5- MLB is played daily:

MLB is played daily

MLB is something that fans can enjoy almost every day of the week. Every team has to play a total of 162 games during the regular season. That makes it about 25-28 games a month, which means that the fans will never be left without games. Compared to this, the NFL fans can get to watch their team about once in a week, on Sundays mostly.

6- MLB has lower injury risks:

In MLB, the chances of getting injured is very low compared to the NFL. The minor injuries are part of the MLB all the time, but still those injuries are not of a serious type. They are not of life threatening nature. While the players in NFL have a huge rate of cussions that are very problematic for the athletes later in their lives.

Both these sports are extremely popular that are watched by a huge number of American fans. Besides watching, many fans regularly bet on these popular sports as well. While betting companies make it more appealing by the offers like the best free bets for these fans.

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