iPhone Email, Internet and Phone Problems

The majority of gadgets will be likely to run into problems from time to time, with the iPhone also being affected. If nothing appears to be working, it is to get hold of Apple, otherwise be sure to check Internet connections, signal and modes first.

iPhone Email, Internet and Phone Problems

How to Fix iPhone Problems – Internet Connection and Sending/Receiving Email

One of the first things to do, when one is having trouble accessing the Internet on the iPhone, is to check to see if the iPhone is not in airplane mode. A WiFi network or EDGE connection is required to get online, while there also needs to be a strong enough signal for either to work. To connect to EDGE, check to see if the ‘E’ Edge icon is visible, which is located beside the phone signal. After checking the Internet is properly connected, it is important to make certain that an email account has been correctly set up. This is done by selecting the type of email one usually uses on a PC or Mac and simply entering in one’s address, password and an account description.

As identified by Chen & Pash in How to Do Everything with Your iPhone, if one is able to receive email but unable to send, it is worth trying to change the Outgoing Mail Server to a different port. This is done by accessing the email account settings and typing 578 to the end of the email address located in the Outgoing Mail Server.

Fixing iPhone Problems – Phone Calls and Text Messages

In the same way as with email problems, If unable to make a phone call using the iPhone, make sure that the device is not in airplane mode. It is also important to ensure that one is getting a strong enough signal to use the iPhone properly. This may be done through simply checking the signal bars, which are located at the top of the phone. If nothing seems to be working, even after trying to restart the iPhone, then contact Apple for advice. Again, if having trouble with receiving or sending text messages, always check to ensure the iPhone is not still in airplane mode.

As recognised by Chen and Pash, once the iPhone has been checked to see that it has a signal and is not in airplane mode, make sure a the number entered is a valid and also contains the appropriate area code. In addition, when MMS text messages are sent, the iPhone will receive an SMS message providing one with the necessary information as to how to access the message online.

As highlighted above iPhone problems in relation to calls, email and Internet connection are often easily fixed, by checking the mode and signal strength. If restarting the iPhone fails to solve the problem, contact Apple for further help.

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