Why You Must Own Nokia 6 If In China

Here are few good reasons why to own the Nokia 6 Android-based smartphone, but as of now the article could be highly meaningful to Chinese people only as the manufacturer wants to first test the Chinese market, which is vast of course, and later may give a thought to release in one or two other countries. Don’t know whether it will be launched in your country. Meanwhile, have a look at the reasons below why Nokia 6 is going to a successful device even not being priced tagged too high.

Industrial Design

Its an era of thin device and so the new manufacturer understands making Nokia 6 thin and sleek. In terms of basic design the device is perfectly made to the wish of average users even though it has no major deviations from the basics.

Fingerprint Scanner

Even though the device is not priced too high as iPhone and Galaxy Edge, and the specifications reveal it is not equipped with high-end hardware on board, but the Nokia 6 comes with a fingerprint scanner that is surely to be an essential feature in near future.

Dual Speakers

Good music quality is one of the most important features in today’s high-end mobile phones and the new maker of Nokia phones has understood. The new device comes with an “intelligent power amplifier chip,” as claimed, to enhance the 2x speaker system. One speaker is located near to the Nokia logo in the front and the other at the bottom. The system comes with Dolby Atmos brand audio technology.

Android Nokia

The Nokia X was impressive but it failed to capture interests of mass. It was just a stepping stone to Windows Phone. The Nokia 6 is learned to be better as it’s an Android phone. It comes loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat mobile operating system. This is a better stepping stone for Nokia to Android.

HMD Licensed

The company HMD was formed last year acquiring part of Microsoft’s feature phone business. in May and it secured later the exclusive brand licensing rights in mobile division for Nokia. The new company is made up of former Nokia staff, who are highly reliable in making good products.

Foxconn Label

The Nokia 6 phones are being manufactured by FIH Mobile, which is a subsidiary of Foxconn, the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhones. This means the Nokia phones have good chance of being of high quality.

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