Top 7 Futuristic Self-Driving Cars

Imagine a car driving you home without any driver. The car surely has artificial intelligence (AI) and too many sensors to know obstacles on the way. Here are seven such future cars which are true inspirational. Such cars are also capable of helping drive smarter and with much safer way.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous

Auto giant Ford is lately seen getting more serious with its self-driving cars project and the Ford Fusion prototype is a good example of it that come with two LIDAR sensors for scanning the road better. It may debut in 2021. Both the sensors are located near windshield.

Toyota Concept-i

Earlier Toyota was not very sure whether to develop a complete autonomous car. It had announced the same, but with its Concept-i it is believed there’s change in plan, rather big change. The auto giant has equipped the prototype with Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Yui to sense one’s emotions too like finding a sad mood the car would drive to pizza place to meet with friends.

Hyundai Ioniq

The self-driving cars from most of the auto giants are taking time to hit the roads for public and amid such situation Hyundai seems to be winning the race by going into production soon. Its Ioniq was at the CES and well tested by man y.It comes in three versions – electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. So probably the Hyundai Ioniq could be released within the next few years.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid car is actually in production. It is unbelievable, but is the same car that Waymo uses for its self-driving technology. It is equipped with some extra LIDAR sensors, radar, and cameras. However, it is not yet known whether the company is thinking of bringing the prototype into production yet.

Smart Ready to Drop

The car has a different purpose. If an ordered product is shipped by DHL, probably the parcel fits in it. Currently the car is in a limited trial in Germany.

Nissan 2040

The CES 2017 saw the future car from the stable of Nissan. Its 2040 is a fully autonomous car that has the capabilities of seeing obstructions, pedestrians and other cars too. It responds as required.

Honda Neuv

The Honda Neuv is designed for ride-sharing. it is self-driven and could be used to pick up a friend, or the babysitter. The car comes equipped with an AI.

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