What Will Twitter Be Like In 100 Years?


It would be great to have a looking glass to see into the future. As a result of the rapid changes in what normal day to day activities are, a looking glass might be only way to know what the future holds. Most people would probably use it win multi-million dollar online gambling jackpots at online casinos than see what will Twitter be like in 100 years? But we are going to look into the future and attempt to see 100 years ahead.

Before you know where you are going you need to know where you have been is a common saying. So we are going to start with the past. A 100 years ago only the very privileged could afford instant communication. This was in the form fixed telephones. Now Africa one of the poorest region in the world has a mobile penetration rate that is above 50%. Less than 30 years ago distribution of information was controlled by few. Today a message on Twitter can be seen by millions people in only a couple of hours.

If the rate at which technology advanced in the last century is anything to go by, a century from now will be an entirely different world. Developments in technology like virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence could well find their way on to platforms like Twitter. As a result of such potential integrations Twitter can become a totally different thing. Just look at the changes in aircraft from the first ones to the ones in use today.

Twitter is currently embarking on several business development projects. The corporation is also investing in other areas of market. They know that the industry is very volatile. To remain relevant the giant social networking service will definitely evolve as they try remain on top the industry. Changes will be in services they provide and how those services are delivered. The amount of money at their disposal allows the human imagination to be limit to the prospective developments.

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