The Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Phuket

Gorgeous beaches, ornate temples, romantic viewpoints and a neighborhood packed with heritage mansions; there is a wealth of places to visit in Phuket. These are the top attractions in the southern Thai province and offer glimpses of its natural beauty and culture. While Old Phuket Town is packed with historic and colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings, art galleries, shops and museums, the beautiful Wat Chalong temple and the gigantic Big Buddha Statue offer insights into the region’s Buddhist culture. Phuket is home to some of Thailand’s best beaches; visit Patong for its exciting nightlife and Kata Beach for its pristine surroundings.

This island has beaches enclosed by rugged mountains, long, flat stretches of beach with hardly a soul in sight and active beaches with crowds from around the planet. Phuket sightseeing tours list is incomplete without these beaches. There are plenty of hidden beaches throughout that are sure to impress even the pickiest of traveler. Here are the best beaches to visit in Phuket.

  • Kata Beach

Kata Beach

The less people, the better, and this is certainly the case at Kata Beach, found in the southern part of the island. Many of beaches found around Phuket have lovely cliffs and shrubbery acting as a backdrop on one side and beachside restaurants and tacky souvenir shops on the other. Kata Beach on the other hand lacks the tourist-driven vibe and instead gives off a laidback one, with no high-rise buildings in sight. It is one of the beautiful, classic tropical beaches that helped make Phuket the famous beach destination it now is. Kata is second in fame only to Patong Beach. Apart from a green beach-head, Kata is picture-perfect due to the two coconut covered headlands that reign in both ends, and Little Crab Island that lies just off shore.

  • Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi BeachKata Noi is backed by a huge, steep mountain, which encloses it while enhancing its rugged character. The beach has no offshore reef, with the fine sand bottom sloping down into water of ever-increasing depth. The water here is always clear and warm, about as close to perfection as you can find. It’s one of Phuket’s top swimming beaches, and even produces some well-shaped surfing waves during the monsoon. Visitors who found Kata Beach to be secluded will be happy to hear that Kata Noi Beach is even more so, with less travelers making the trek out here because it is both smaller in size and more difficult to reach.

  • Surin Beach

Surin BeachWith small headlands closing in both ends and trees providing green behind, Surin remains in quite good condition. But Surin’s trump card is her sensuous shape. The fine, soft sand slopes away more steeply than on most other Phuket beaches, quickly running into deep water. It makes Surin one of the best swimming beaches on Phuket. Those looking for luxury should look no further than Surin Beach.

It is decorated with luxury resorts and homes. The beach is clean, not as busy as you might think, and provides visitors with some of the best views of the Andaman Sea from its white sand beaches. The visitors can rest assured it is going to be a luxurious yet expensive day at the beach, as the restaurant and wine bars here are not necessarily cheap.

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