Planning A Unique Family Vacation

Planning A Unique Family Vacation

As a parent nothing beats watching your child learn something new and seeing them light up with the joy of discovery. You want to follow them around and live through their eyes! Whether you’re planning a day trip, vacation, or extended getaway for your family fostering discovery is definitely on the to-do list. After all only so much can be learned in the classroom. At some point your children have to go out and experience things in order to truly learn about them. Why not during a family outing? Ecotourism is a great way to experience the joys of vacationing, while broadening you and your family’s horizons. Here we’ll talk about all the amazing ways you and your family vacation can enjoy this incredible, relatively new, and ever expanding method of tourism.

Many popular standard tourist destinations would be considered eco-tourist sites like the Redwood Forest in California or Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. In this case chances are you’ve already experienced the wonders of ecotourism, you just might not have had the word for it. Of course there are many other popular ecotourism sites that you might not be aware of and many vacation destinations that are filled with natural wonders. Of course when you’re planning vacations for children things tend to get a little trickier. You can’t simply buy a plane ticket to Costa Rica, pitch a tent, and hike the wilderness. You need to plan in a lot more detail when you’re travelling with kids.

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When planning a family vacation that involves visiting national parks, popular ecotourism sites, and partaking in outdoor excursions safety is of the utmost importance. There are plenty of family friendly outdoor activities that the whole family will love. For young children visiting national parks is best. They are heavily monitored, controlled environments that are safe, fun, and most often times incredibly affordable. If you’re children are a bit older and have more opportunities for adventurous activity you may want to look into tourist sites like zip line companies or water sporting. These staples of ecotourism allow children to explore the great outdoors, bush their boundaries, and do it all in a controlled environment with competent professionals. Extreme sports are often times misunderstood and are not always inherently dangerous. Many pre-teen age children participate in extreme sports safely and with professionals. For example barefoot water skiing! Acclaimed barefoot water skier Keith St. Onge began his career at a very young age. Check out what he had to say when he swung by the Gear Garage and talked about his favorite must-have apparel. Barefoot water skiing may not be the typical vacation activity but that’s exactly the point! Ecotourism family vacations are all about discovering something new with the people you love.

Whether you’re wanting to give your child a new experience and broaden their education through hands-on learning or you simply want to see them have a good time under the sun, planning an ecotourism family vacation is a great way to make memories.

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