What to Do When You Arrive in Portugal


What to Do When You Arrive in Portugal

Traveling to Portugal is absolutely breathtaking. We bet you’d fall in love with everything it has to offer: from the food to the places to the people.

If you’re getting ready to visit and experience the grand beauty of Portugal, this article will be useful.

Here, we discuss the things you must do when you visit this country rich in history and culture. Check them out!

Compare Car Hire Services

This is important for Portugal travelers. Skip the taxis, and compare car hire at Lisbon Airport once you touch down.

Not only can you find stress-free car rental services in Lisbon, but you can also save more money since taxis are pretty expensive in Portugal.

And speaking of money, the next tip is also a must-do for travelers like you.

Exchange Your Money to Euros What to Do When You Arrive in Portugal

Your Money to Euros

When you touch down, you need to exchange your currencies to euros. Find money changer stations right away, or pre-exchange your currency into euros before you travel.

The reason is simple: although most establishments accept credit cards, a lot of smaller shops and restaurants still use cash.

After exchanging your money, it’s time to…

Calculate Your Costs

Yes, you probably have calculated your budget for this amazing trip. But it doesn’t hurt to double-check and recalculate.

When calculating your costs, focus on the following:

  • Transportation costs – trains, buses, budget airlines, ferries
  • Accommodation – hostels, dorm rooms, Airbnb
  • Food – groceries, bakeries, restaurants
  • Activities – free museum visits, wine tours, backpacking, hiking

evora temple What to Do When You Arrive in Portugal

Traveling Around Portugal

Portugal packs a lot of wonderful places you must cover before you leave. It’s no wonder tourism is growing steadily.

The following activities and places are the top picks of many wanderlusts and travel enthusiasts.

  • Evora – a small town that’s home to beautiful and historic buildings, including the Temple of Diana.
  • Templar Castle – found in the town of Tomar, the Templar Castle was the headquarters for the Knights Templar in the 12th century.
  • The Azores Islands – a two-hour flight from Lisbon to the Atlantic Ocean, Azores Islands have stunning beaches, unique wildlife, and a vibe that defines “hidden paradise.”
  • Lagos – if you want to experience how to party in Portugal, Lagos is the place to be. A top-tourist destination, Lagos is a great place to soak up the sun and drink for dinner.

Al-Mutamid Music Festival What to Do When You Arrive in Portugal

Check Out Local Events

You also ought to check local events in every town, village, or city you visit.

Portugal offers a wide variety of food- or saint-related festivals throughout the year:

  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration (winter)
  • Al-Mutamid Music Festival (winter)
  • Essencia do Vinho wine festival (winter)
  • Almond blossom festival (spring)
  • Portugal Carnival (spring)
  • Easter (spring)
  • Flower Festival (spring)
  • Santos Populares festival (summer)
  • Medieval Fairs (summer)
  • Festival ao Largo Millennium (summer)
  • Porto Puppet Festival (autumn)
  • Coruche International Balloon Festival (autumn)
  • Horse Fair in Ribatejo (autumn)

Enjoying Portugal

Make your Portugal trip unique and unforgettable by following the tips above. Be prepared for the trip, but also be ready to explore new things.

More importantly, make it meaningful. Enjoy the beauty of this historical and culture-rich place.

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