Why Paris Visit Is For Kids

As much as one would think that Paris is not good for kids, because of its noisy streets and big crowds, it actually is. Paris offers more than 400 parks, and there are many playgrounds as well. The kids will have fun even if there is no trip to Disneyland Paris. Paris is a great place for kids.

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Paris For Kids

Montmartre, a neighbourhood in Paris, is an area which is good for kids. There is a beautiful carousel right below the famous sacre coeur church. And on top of sacre coeur there is a lot to see, including various entertainers and performers that kids will love. There is an icecream shop on nearby rue du Chevalier de la Barre, in case the kids are in the mood for some ice cream. The area also offers plenty of cafes and sandwich shops.

There is an excellent playground in Jardin de Luxembourg, a well known park in Paris. There is a small admissions fee to get in, but it is well worth it for both bigger and smaller kids, from 2 years and up. There is a stand inside that offers snacks, drinks and icecream. And the bathrooms are in good condition. Parents can sit and relax on one of the bences and watch their kids play, as the whole area is surrounded by fences.

Kid Friendly Paris

Riding a boat along the Canal Saint Martin is another great activity for kids. A few toys and snacks is good to bring along when spending a couple of hours on the boat. One can also take the boat to Parc de la Villette, the biggest park in Paris. The park is perfect for kids wanting to run around, especially after having been on the boat. Inside Parc de la Villette is a science museum called Cité des sciences. It offers contemporary exhibitions for adults and bigger kids. For younger kids there is Cité des enfants – an exhibition for kids up to 7 years. Parc de La Villette is also excellent for having a picnic. In fact, having a picnick is one of the best ways to have lunch with kids during a stay in Paris.

paris for kids

Many Paris museums offer something of interest to children, such as the Louvre, which has Egyptian/oriental exhibitions that will fascinate even the smallest kids.

Going up in the Eiffel tower is another great idea that the kids will enjoy, but be sure to bring along lunchbags. Not only can the lines be very long, but the area does not offer alot of good lunch options. So a better choice is to sit down on the grass fields right next to the Eiffel tower to enjoy the lunch. Another good place to have lunch is Marché des Enfants Rouges – Paris’s oldest market near the Marais area. There are several lunchspots to choose from– Italian, Vegetarian, Moroccan and so on. And across the street, inside the Square du Temple, is another big playground, perfect for the kids to play in.

If the kids enjoy swimming, Aquaboulevard, a large indoor water park, is a must. It is located on rue Louis Armand. It offers plenty of fun for the whole family with its huge waterslides, wave machines and jacuzzis. Outdoor swimming is available in the summertime.

Shopping and Dinner in Paris with Kids

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Shopping with kids is not easy in any city. However, the best area for shopping with kids in Paris is Marais. But if traveling with another person, it might be a better idea to have the kids stay with him/her. There are plenty of cafes in Marais where they can have something to eat or drink. The surrounding streets, for example rue Francs Bourgeois have some nice clothing stores perfect for browsing.

Generally, most Paris restaurants do not offer dinner before 8 o clock in the evening. A more kid friendly option would be the city’s chain restaurants as they also have children’s menus. This type of restaurant is often found near the tourist heavy areas such as Bastille and Les Halles. Another flexible option are the many Chinese restaurants, as the ones in Belleville and in the Asian quarters below Place d’Italie.

With a little bit of planning, Paris is a great destination for kids, don’t hesitate to bring them along.

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