Tips to Create an Impressive Product Slideshow Video

Tips to Create an Impressive Product Slideshow Video

A product video is essentially just a video that explains and demonstrates what a product can do – and more importantly, how it can benefit potential customers. A product slideshow video does exactly the same thing, just instead of using video footage you’ll be using images.

Admittedly it is more difficult to make impressive product slideshow videos, because images are never going to have the same visual impact as video footage would. That being said with the right approach you can definitely come up with one that is impressive enough that it is comparable:

  • Make sure the product photos have great quality

Most of the images that you use in your product slideshow video are going to be photos of the product itself – and they need to be of peerless quality. The goal of this video is to ‘show off’ the product, so your photos need to display it in its best light.

In some cases you may even want to hire a professional photographer, or at very least look into ways to photograph products so that they stand out.

  • One slide, one point

Every slide in your product slideshow should put across a single point – no more. If you want you can place that point as a caption on the photo, or you could use the voice over narration to deliver it.

At the end of the day however you will want the focus to be on the photo, which should visually portray the point in order to drive it home.

  • Don’t overlook the audio quality

Product slideshows often  add audio in the form of voiceover narrations to help deliver their message. If you’re using one however, you need to remember not to overlook the audio quality.

Poor quality audio can ruin a slideshow as surely as poor quality photos – so you should take steps to record better audio.Additionally if you spice up your slideshow with music, you should make sure it doesn’t drown out the voiceover.

  • Keep it short


 Movavi Slideshow video Maker

While you may want to show off tons of photos of your products – it is best that you contain yourself. Viewers generally will lose interest if a product slideshow video drags on for too long, so it is best that you don’t let it get to that point.

As a rule try to aim for product slideshows that are under 2 minutes. If you want you can calculate the number of photos you’ll need based on that – i.e. if each photo is displayed for 5 seconds then that would require 24 photos.

Make no mistake the software that you use will play a big part in creating your slideshow, so be sure to choose one with the features you need. For example you could try Movavi Slideshow Maker and follow the instructions at to get started.

If you follow all the tips listed above, your product slideshow videos should be much more impactful and effective. In fact in certain cases a product slideshow can actually be better than a conventional video – if you’re able to find truly great photos to use in it.

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