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I was never the type that would walk dogs or pick up shifts at McDonald’s to supplement my monthly income. My idea of generating extra revenue involved flipping up my laptop and working from home while I’m still in my pajamas. It sounds easy, but it’s not. While making money online isn’t rocket science, it requires a bit of time and a good strategy. But, if you know what to do and where to look, there are plenty of opportunities awaiting.

So, I was looking into all kinds of marketing platforms and ways to get paid for online advertising when I came across

Let me break it down for you.

Being an online marketer requires a lot of know-how in a variety of niches. You need to know the basics of marketing, but also a bit of coding, web design, graphic design, you name it.
As much as I would like, I don’t have the time for that level of professional development, but I do recognize the potential in online marketing.

That’s why I took such a big interest in “self-service” advertising platforms. They don’t require expert level knowledge to use them at their full potential. Almost anyone can use them, and Click2sell was right up my alley. Here’s what I mean by that.

What Is Click2sell? is a banner advertising platform where you can buy online banner ad campaigns or create your own. You buy ad banners and own them for a limited period, during which you get paid whenever someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase (to be clear, you get paid for both the clicks you generate and also a commission for every sale). Unlike similar platforms where the banners are pre-defined, Click2sell allows you to create your own and design them to your liking.

The platform is user-friendly and quite intuitive, but if you’re having any trouble at all, there are plenty of tutorials that can guide you and tech support that can help fix your problems. The dashboard and menu are straightforward and full of valuable data. You can see all your campaigns in one place and check your daily, weekly or monthly stats. The campaign data gets updated every 24h.

How to Create Your Campaign on

How to Create Your Campaign on

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a campaign on Click2sell. All you have to do is follow each step to set it up. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money from the beginning, opt for the beginner package which costs $250, it should last for at least two weeks.

You can personalize the campaign by choosing predefined content, which can be both a strength and a weakness, depend on how you look at it. On one hand, you don’t have to spend time creating it from scratch. On the other, you don’t have much control over its quality.

Next, you need to name your campaign and choose from a list of categories that fits you best, from Arts and Architecture to Fashion, Sport, Games and more. The next step is to choose a slogan from the list. They have a few decent, catchy slogans, so you can rest assured that your campaign will attract the right crowd.


Don’t expect a “push-button system” or any of that stuff (thank god for that), but starting even with the standard package can get you some nice pocket money each month. Be patient and don’t forget to monitor each campaign and see what combination brings you the most impressions (views), clicks and sales (purchase).

Bottom line is that the Click2sell platform is worth giving a try if you are looking for a legit way to make money online.


    • Jamile Robinson

      Yes I’ve been investing with click 2 sell for almost a year now and everything has been good to me. Yes it’s a good investments and yes you can make withdrawals! I was skeptical at first as well but I just put my pride to the side and went for it. I invested 6000$ to start and yes if you stick with it and invest money into your account you will be in for a great surprise!

      • Tam

        This is a known SCAM. people say they NEVER get their money out and I personally overheard the guy calling at 4 a.m. and telling my relative that they would not get paid since they didn’t “finish” something and that they would lose their $5000 they made. SCAM. RED ALERT!!!!!

  • Mary A

    Yes , I invested in click2sell, really had plenty of help, enjoyed it, then I tried to make a withdrawal !!
    It seems impossible….after at least Two dozen times with no avail ,all the fun ,excitement, and thrill has gone,I’m still waiting for a refund!! No would definitely not invest with them again.Beware!!

    • Chris

      I just invested $200 into a basic package. I did it on a whim about 5 days ago. The system is telling me I’ve already made $69 dollars and I understand how this system works. My question is, has anybody been able to withdraw money successfully and has anyone on here had there complaints resolved. I am a little nervous.


      • sue

        Hi Chris, from post of June 9, ’19 at 3:56 p.m. Just wondering are you still with (the UK company, not the which is here in America)? and now they have a banner with Purchase Guard and it says 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I’m assuming that means refunds given, but it does not state that in actual “words”.

        • cindy jimenez

          I was told by a sells rep. that I would be making good money every month meaning $1000 or more after six months of being with Click2sell unfortunately medical issues arise and I needed to borrow some money out of my account unfortunately I was told by customer service that I had no money and they only refunded me the thousand dollars I was required to put in to get started plus the $250. They never told me that there would be penalties they would have to pay for the campaign advertising and that the money that was made on the campaign went back to the company basically I feel they used my money to make money and then let me out to dry with no money. all those months my money is tied up in the company and I have nothing to show for it .

    • Andrew

      Yes totally agree with you they will take your money from your credit card but will not pay your profits made.BIG SCAM. If anyone reads this steer clear.

    • Era

      Hello Mary! I just found this page! Where you able to get any withdrawals from

      I invented $1000 and now feel that they are trying to still my identity. Cause after I downloaded what they ask me my phone start glitching. I wonder if anybody has noticed anything?
      Plus when they were reading my card information back to me for payment. Thy put me on hold 2 times and every time when they come back they reread it again and before that they claimed that all there calls are recorded. So I worry that they will try to get more money from me without my Knowledge and have proof that I gave them card number 3 times.

      • BJ

        I’m writing this to tell everyone is a massive scam that I was also told at 1st just start with the basic $250 USD that’s $365 AUS.. Then was told I should just try it out for a few weeks or maybe 2 Months max but then when I got a call from my Personal Account Manager (L.R) He convinced me someone who has just been in a serious car accident looking for a 2nd income that comes with a very small risk if I was to increase my initial investment. Anyway these so called Personal Account Managers will tell you everything you want to here there website looks up to what it states & I did lots of homework as there was something just not feeling right. I spoke to many friends, family & other smart people & they basically said if it’s to good to be true then something is definitely wrong about it. Anyway I’ve just read up on many people who have invested the large Gold package of $5000 USD & that’s where I was when I found it strange that they were offering me a exact match of whatever I invested then they wanted these to be signed & emailed back to them. Well I was really lucky they made a mistake on those documents that had them basically now making a partnership with my investment & then making it somehow legal or not to then make me think I’m making all this cash thousands of Dollars per week then it was going to go up if they could talk me into going to the Diamond package which was an investment of $25,000 USD & this was going to put my campaigns & banners all over YouTube, Amazon, FB & Yahoo. I would get the 1st & best campaigns & start pulling out about $30 to $40k a Month just after I got my profits my own Account & money I made from these Ad’s when online users were Clicking on them & then I also would make a commission of any sales. Well I stalled this so called Personsl Account Manager as he was non stop email me then trying to call & get me to transfer the biggest amount of money that only the very privalliged & rich called afford to lose if there there was a chance I could lose this money. I was really lucky the intial investment $250 USD went through then they use a method if you can’t put in the full amount in when they ask you if you want to go ahead with it, they just say let’s try 3 small payments of $1500 USD so I did this as this UK Guy made me feel like he had my back he was my friend in a partnership. He would say if your making money then I’m making money so it’s a win/win for both of us. So It got to the time when he did something very sneaky he sent me an email that would basically share my computer & told me to look at this Sales & different Profit gains & potentials. As I kept up my stalling & just saying this is a lot of money your now asking me to invest with no face to face or anything to really give me 100% assurance that I wasn’t going to look like a big old fool being to easy & my heart being to trusting. He was really good he would speak about his family on the weekends & did I have a a great weekend like he did with them. He was very patient he just continued to press me with this massive investment. Well I decided to take a risk & invest only a partial payment of about $8000 USD & it didn’t go through. He then asked me for my card No. & CCV also which I wasn’t happy to as I never do this ever but he said that the banking department could see all my credit card numbers & details over what was supposed to be my Account with all my passwords & login details. Thinking back now I remember thinking that was very strange but he had a quick reason to put me at ease & he just continued to try & make me somehow get this money across to him. Just earlier I forgot to mention that I wanted a test withdrawal & asked told him that this is a must for me to even think about investing more so he set that up I was thinking I had now almost double my profits so I wanted atleast $2 to $3,000 USD but b4 I even got there he goes no problem let’s make it two I went I would prefer to get back my initial investment as I had made the profit from it so why not then he goes or know it’s better to leave your profits as a strong portfolio so until I make at least another $10 – $15k then the best test withdrawal should just be $200 or $300 USD so I decided to atleast see if I’ll get that return & how long will it take.. So after finally getting this test withdrawal it was only the $200 USD not the $300 USD that I entered all the withdrawal process through my Account. I was very annoyed when this occurred 1st they put on 1 of the documents that they wanted me to sign & email back to them but it only stated that I had initially started with only $200 USD instead of the $250. So I told them to fix these as I’m not signing anything that’s incorrect especially my money that this will probably be used to prove that I did this all on my own free will. Which is correct if you really think about it. So I’ll just say that I told him I’ll have to go either to a different bank or ask my bank why they won’t let me invest more with as I was told by my Personal Account Manager that when I did my reaching I found so many other Click2Sell. (com), (eu), (org)..etc. Then there was a few negative reviews but nothing concrete about & actually said to me that he knows about it & the company has the FBI trying to shut other Companies using the Click2Sell name which were are the scams back in March, April of 2019. I did find a review on a lady who was trying to withdraw some of her profits & after she went through this place called Better Business Bureau: She basically has written that once she invested to the Gold package of $5000 USD plus the $250 all up $5250 USD & now that she had made her profit using her investment her Personal Account Manager wasn’t getting back to her & there was no contact at all from them for almost 1 Month this is when she put the complaint through & they came to an amicable agreement that she ended up getting what was hers & then wrote a mini statement saying the the issue was resolved & I wish to withdraw any complaints I have registered with the company ( This could be 1 option for many of you out there still trying to get your investments back. The last thing I will say is I was very lucky to have a strong bank with a big Fraudulent Claims Department & they told me that right now no Click2Sell was worth taking a risk & they told me that the either my Personal Account Manager or 1 of his colleagues had been trying to take out over the past 5 days almost $50,000 USD from my account & I remember reading an similar investor saying that they put him on hold a few times while doing his card & then saying it’s Ok do you agree to talk now that we are on the phone recording this to make you feel safe again. The best thing that I did was use a very small active Account & only transferred what I was prepared to lose so it was always empty of funds so the card details they did have couldn’t access any of my other Accounts. To just end on a happy note & I hope others will get something back for there trust in these people who don’t care whom they take from. I spoke with my Bank on the Friday Morning with is Thursday evening in England, London where this company states they are & my Fraud support Team just said no more contact & just email that I would like to end my investment with & would like a refund of all my investments. I didn’t get the email through b4 my bank had contacted when I just b4 I was just about to send off my email asking what my bank told me to do. I looked & I finnally pushed my Personal Account Managers buttons he had the nerve to call me a coward for not just asking for my money & I just had to ask him him to withdraw my money at anytime but this was not true I spoke with apparently the Manager from banking & this was my finnal red flag to know something was really wrong as I said only $200 USD came through instead of the $300 then I said it wasn’t good enough he wasn’t as patient as the my Account Manager as he said so your going to invest another $10 to $20k & if we I give you your $3000 now b4 you believe in our company & your Account Manager who has done all this work for your portfolio that then once you get the $3000 then you will ask for another $2000 with was really stupid on his behalf as he says I’ll tell you what you give us $10,000 USD now & I’ll do a 24hr online deposit of $1000 USD back into my Account as a Test withdrawal. I was pretty worried at this point but whatever I did like not my correct bank account, not signing those documents & with my Personal Acc. Manager I made him feel in control when once my back flagged them I just kept waiting & tried to find more on Unfortunately! Most of the things written about them they have kept on a 50/50 balance with some reviews, investors not getting that one word is a big Scam & if it isn’t typical scam from the more I’ve read on it now the small time investor’s are losing out & possibly only the big $50k to $100k could be making money as a separate quite partnership. To finalise I have found out that you can make your own money online with banners & Ad’s but you need to find the right ppeople out there who offer workshops & educational steps for free to teach you how to do be successful with very controlled & low investments. To anyone still trying to get there money back try (BBB) the company the lady used to workout a settlement or after that email I received a 2nd one from my Manger saying that all my investments have been refunded & I got every single dollar back. I recieved it in only 48hrs my bank spoke to them on the Friday & the money was in my Account early Tuesday morning. I hope this really can help others either be very careful I was lucky but did put some measures in place to be as protected as you can be when trying to make money online & believe who your trying to do a fair & trustworthy partnership where both the investor & Manger works together for the same interests… Take care & Good luck:)

        • RS

          thanks for all your time writing this comment, i am in the same place you were. and am just going to write off my loss. as a pensioner i have got conned with almost similar wording. Only wished i had seen your comments before. Friends had said “Too Good To Be True” and i didn’t Listen.

      • Ebz

        I find them extremely dodgy. I felt really pressured on the phone to invest and when I said I wanted to think about it, the guy got really rude and aggressive. I went ahead and invested 200 dollars, daily I could see my so called profit going up but it wasn’t anything significant. It was a 1 month campaign but into the 2nd week of it, I got an email saying I was being issued a refund and I got less back than my investment. When they called me up to. See if I wanted to invest again, I was mind blown as I didn’t ask for the refund and they said it was because my investment was so small and wouldn’t have had anyone checking my campaign and adjusting it accordingly. I asked why this wasn’t initially explained to me and they couldn’t give an answer. I personally think it’s a scam and they won’t stop calling me. They’ve just called me back to back. From different numbers about 10 times even though I’ve asked them to stop calling and remove my data from their database, instead again the guy got aggressive on the phone so I hung up. Avoid them!!

    • Jamile Robinson

      Yes I’ve been investing with click 2 sell for almost a year now and everything has been good to me. Yes it’s a good investments and yes you can make withdrawals! I was skeptical at first as well but I just put my pride to the side and went for it. I invested 6000$ to start and yes if you stick with it and invest money into your account you will be in for a great surprise!

  • Robb whitney

    I have invested 10 k and at 1st it looks good until you find only part of the income is yours. It now appears the initial campaigns are about to expire and there is not enough income to sustain even part of the campaigns. As a result the program cannot even sustain itself let alone make money. After looking at others reviews I may not be able to withdraw the $ I have available.

  • Georgia

    My experience with
    Before depositing money with them I outlined to them my purpose for investing in their company. I explained that I will need a small withdrawal from my profits each month. They said, I can withdraw my money anytime. At the end of February 2019, I invested 5250USD, the gold package deal. With the help of Roger Wilson, I bought a campaign of 5000. It was all going well for the first two weeks. I was making $1-2,000 per day. (Yes, Robb you are right, you have to make the amount bought from the campaign up plus the profit.) I had to make the $5000 + profit. By the end of the month I had doubled my money making a profit of $5 000. I was very happy. I filled out the withdrawl request for $3000 USD. I’ve been trying to get in contact with Roger Wilson. I’ve left numerous emails asking for him to phone me to discuss my withdrawal, left numerous messages with the customer support team for him to contact me. All have been unsuccessful.

    I strongly believe the is a SCAM, Don’t invest in them.

    It would be appreciated if anyone has any idea how to get the money back?

      • Jeanette

        Have you had any luck with getting your money back from click2sell since your last post? Looking for any ideas to help a family member.

    • George Smith

      Hi Georgia,
      My experience is similar to yours. I have contacted a John Fuller many times now and have no reply except he has been at a business conference. When he wanted me to invest he was easy to contact and speak to. Now that I have asked for a withdrawal and my campaigns have ended I can’t get onto him. I have lost thousands and if I don’t get something back then it will be worse. Is it a SCAM? Hopefully not, but others have commented that getting money from them that they say is ours, is nearly impossible.

  • Lucky


  • Louisa

    Omg thanks for the comments and reviews I almost invested 250.00 to kickoff with them,but I always have to do research first apparently they’ve been calling me to take action ,well thankgod I changed my mind😀beware of these scammers.

  • U. N. Owen

    Click 2 is definitely a scam. I am not even joking with you, they tell you that you have to request a withdrawal of your available balance, they never say you can withdraw, they use the words or key words like potential profits, they tell you that you can earn up to a dollar per click and up to 85 percent of the purchases as of a result of being redirected from a click made. But in fact you will never be able to withdraw. Finally they have someone else call you to get you to invest more money. Your market specialist is not there to help you launch a campiagn, but to get you to spend more money. I got a call from someone in the US New York, and while I was on the line with him, I got another call from someone in the UK London, funny thing the same music playing. Just a fare warning you are going to lose money investing in them. You are not investing just spending. If you listen carefully, they will use what you going through and funny thing enough they will tell you that they are going through the same thing, or know someone close to them that’s going through the same thing. Fair warning, please do research.

    • Ron Lewis

      Thank you so much saved my bacon feels like about every 12 months one of these scammers nearly get through my radar

  • Shannon Salter

    Holy crap I am so glad I found this page and y’all down here in the comments. I feel like a damn goose for letting the “profits” cloud my decision making skills. Luckily halfway through just RIGHT b4 I was typing in my card info my sister walked in and said remember Shannon nothing in life is free, not even herpes!! Lmao

  • W. Tono

    Also say thanks for the comments.I just want to invest to Click2Sell and Fortunelly,I find this page.I think I change my mind

  • Kath

    Just had them calling me. 2 times now the guy threatened to keep calling me everyday for 6 months. I told him to knock his socks off. Thanks for all your reviews. I had thought it was a scam. Cheers K

  • Keith Rogers

    Hello there, everyone please read this slowly………………………

    Click2Sell are thieves. They are liars. They are cheats.

    ANYONE who claims to be “your friend” online, is all of what I have already described them as.

    How could anyone be your friend if all they will ever be, is a voice over the phone?

    Their BIGGEST lie, is that they keep information from you.

    Where they GET YOU is with the terms and the conditions of their “BONUS AGREEMENT.”

    If they get to the stage (with you) where they begin talking about the “Bonus” that they provide to go with YOUR INITIAL deposit, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They’ll tell you that the bonus that THEY invest in with YOUR INITIAL investment will help you create more exposure to your campaigns. Whether that is accurate or not, is irrelevant.

    They will require you to SIGN the terms and conditions of THEIR BONUS AGREEMENT, but they won’t give you the opportunity to READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of their bonus agreement.

    Once you sign the terms and conditions, your goose is cooked. You’ve just lost your entire investment. Gone forever.

    “Terms and conditions??????????????????????”

    Their terms and conditions state that THEIR BONUS AMOUNT AMOUNT MUST BE PAID BACK TO THEM FIRST…………………….. BEFORE you can make a withdrawal.

    Then they will tell you they can only take 2% of your earnings at a time as payment back to them.

    NOW READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had $20,000 USD in my BALANCE.

    I only OWED THEM 20K from the amount of THEIR INITIAL investment as “their bonus.”

    But they refused to take the 20K.


    Why did they refuse the take the 20K when I had it in my balance, I actually offered them to take the entire $20,000 out of my balance and give it to them right there and then.

    But why did refuse to take it?

    It’s simple.

    As soon as their bonus amount is paid back to them, that enables me, or YOU to make a withdrawal!

    Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning, shall we?

    They’re liars. They’re cheats. They’re thieves. (I even named one my campaigns that, so they could see what I thought of them!)

    Let’s get back to the Bonus agreement terms and conditions and use some round figures to help you understand.

    Their terms and conditions state that the EARNINGS of your entire account must equal 50 times the amount of THEIR BONUS.

    50 times the amount? Ok, Let’s say they invested $10,000 as their bonus when you first invested with them?

    50 multiplied by 10,000 equals 500,000.

    So if they invest $10,000 as their bonus, your ENTIRE EARNINGS of your account (that’s the GREEN BOX) must be at LEAST $500,000 BEFORE you can make a withdrawal.

    I could go on here for hours, however……….. let me say this much, if I may?

    At the current rate of earnings for MY account with C2S, it will take 21 YEARS BEFORE I CAN MAKE a withdrawal.

    So, what’s the solution?

    IF you choose to still invest with them, go ahead!!!!!!!! But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, do you agree to THEM adding THEIR BONUS to your initial investment amount.

    IF you invest with these thieves, ONLY USE YOUR OWN MONEY. DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agree to their bonus concept. Because that’s where they get you. Once you sign the terms and conditions of their bonus agreement, you’ve just kissed ALL of your money goodbye.

    • sue

      After reading your post, I can’t say exactly how I feel now. I can’t believe you lost all that money!!!!! If I read it correctly. I started off with 200 of my own money, I had a bonus attached with it from my senior account manager, Roger Wilson, and then I put in another $1000 of my own money and got a bonus attached of $2000. Then I was guided to buy a campaign and ended up losing all but about $1000. With that and a third senior account manager, I bought another campaign and have made a $1000 profit. I fear what I am reading now in that I will never be able to make a withdrawal. I agree they need to be more transparent. Their phone numbers are all like cloud based or whatever (I don’t know how to explain it, they’re not “traceable”), but the phone numbers never are actual contact places. Even the numbers that the senior account managers call from can’t be traced. I don’t know why… Is it because they are trying to save money from having land lines or subscribing to a cell phone company (are the rules different there in London for cell tower and phone number acquisition? I don’t know this) and I don’t feel comfortable about the level of transparency. Anyway, I ended up losing money from my investable money with the first two senior account managers and the third one seems to be on the legit, but I guess I will find out.

  • Anders Jørgensen

    Click2sell is a criminal organization that cheats and deceives people. They harass people! Do not have anything to do with them.

  • Jeanette

    An Elderly family member has given them $100,00 via credit cards. We have pleaded with him to get them money back. He says his account shows he now has $200,000 in his account. He keeps trying to contact them to get the money back but they are filled with excuses… first they said they would put $50,000 back in a week then there was a mix up so it will be a bit longer. now they are saying they will make him minimum payments on his credit cards ?? It looks like now they have refunded $2000 on one of his credit cards. I think they are stringing him along. We filed fraud charges on 3 of the credit cards and i am wondering if this is why they refunded the $2000 to show they are “working with him”. The family member still thinks he has “made” all this money. Anyone ever able to get initial investment back?? This is a LOT of credit card debt for someone who does not have this kind of money.

  • Robert Westfall

    I agree, click to sell should be criminally prosecuted for their lies and downright thievery of your money. DO NOT INVEST IN THEM, YOU WILL LOSE!!
    Robert Westfall

  • Chloe

    I am very grateful for the valuable information I have gathered here… alas too late for me it seems … The BONUS part is absolutely key. I have made a huge investment in this company with my savings and credit cards, hoping to generate at least a modest monthly income, I have had continued, very helpful, pleasant, and lucrative assistance from my account managers (NOT a guy named Wilson) ever since I started, 4 months ago, but when I made a modest withdrawal request, I encountered all the excuses described above… They lure you in with BONUSES and you get caught up in an inextricable web… I took a huge risk with them and this is the first month I don’t even have enough in my account to pay the rent…. plus savings gone and credit card debt. What am I to do? I desperately need at least some of my money back. Thinking of hiring a lawyer and… I feel so stupid for being gullible…

  • Sam T.

    The company has a huge office in a nice area, but most ponzi schemes do involve this too, so its useless either way.
    The have different categories and will always preach to you into the higher one, that you will make more, but I did go for the higher category. After months they said the account was having trouble and they were having glitches and that I will be making loads soon. It was always one story after the other. I kept waiting and hoping and even after a year still only got a tiny draw twice, so what they said was a lie. I did not get MUCH of a draw in the higher category for adds, even with my large cash investment. This is another bogus strategy to get you to merely put in more bucks. Stay away and sue, might be the only recourse.

  • william miller

    click to sell is a scam, they are quick to take your money but when you try to close a campaign and take your profits they close your account and refund your deposit with out any explanation, no profits are forthcoming, just a big scam to get your money, avoid at all costs, they were very frustrating to deal with when trying to collect profits.

  • Amrat Patel (U.K)

    I invested with click2sell $250 on 01/09/2019 and further investments within 9 days of opening an account, I Invested a total sum of $13,200 and click2sell added a bonus of $2,500,then I came across the reviews on this site and I started four disputes via Purchase Guard in order to get my invested funds back as I was alarmed by the reviews I came across on this site.I found to my amazement that I am getting my 100% investment back the total invested amount $ 13,200,There were 8 Campaigns set-up for my account which generated a total of $ 6,164.80 within 20 days of investment.Now I am left wondering if these reviews I came across were real or not?

    • Anthony Watsford

      Believe me, it’s real. They lied to me from day one. Please don’t put anymore of your hard earned cash into this. It all sounds good until you want to take your money out.

  • Chet

    I have a gold package, made some money and lost some money. I have not requested any withdrawals yet because there is a certain amount of time and you must be above their matching amount to do so.

    My acct manager said he will be sending me some money to make sure the withdrawal system is working (apparently they have had some trouble do so). when he does transfer to my account then I will see if it works and I will send the money back in to reinvest.

    It takes time to make money no matter where you invest. I have read really good reviews and ad reviews. Most bad reviews are from people who in the end say they have a better program than click 2 sell.

    I am 6 months in and I will stick it out. If it is a scam I will tell the world with details and no links to other ways top make money online.


  • Ben

    Thank you my friends.I wished to see your comments before.I feel so stupid they just got from me £1100.If I can find them I will spent all my money and my life just to kill them slowly.Please use all your possibilities to inform people not to be ripped off by these scams.I will try to lie them that I will invest 100k just to find their address and you will see me on news.Good luck everyone

  • Anthony Watsford

    Click2sell is such a scam. I was told I could withdraw my money that I put in at anytime yet if I did it to early it would close the account. Yet I was told the whole way through that yes I could get what I paid into the account. They said it was like a savings account that you can withdraw at anytime. They then kept asking me to put more money into it. Then they said I would never reach my goal with my already spent money of $150 American dollars. So I decided Id pull out. The refunded me $250 American dollars.
    This was such bullshit scam, don’t do it. You will regret it as I did.

  • Maniagol

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  • David RoperHall

    Hi every one
    I see I am not alone were CLICK2SELL is concerned I signed up last year like some of you in total innocence but before I go any farther this platform is not regulated and is run by a pack of LIERS AND CORRUPT TRADERS SO BE VERY CAREFULL when looking for a trading platform as there is a lot of them out there and I mean a lot well back to me as I put what I was told 250 but when I look it says 450 so I ask how come and then I found out that there had another platform with similar name and they put the total on the one which to my stupidity I did not really push the issue and I listen to the trader go on about how good and how a client had just withdrawn 5000 so I let myself be talked into becoming a client BIG MISTAKE trades went well-reinvested profits till all campaigns had finished had a total of around 2500 at that moment tried to get someone no luck tried to draw still no luck then look at A/CC said I had withdrawn 650 which was only my invest sill waiting for it tried to contact no luck then just before xmas pone call and guess what you got want me to open A/CC said I had already got one and he said oh and said i will get back to you still waitting

  • Evelyn Nicole Soriano

    I just invested $500 tonight but after reading your comments, I am very very concerned. Can I get my money back from

  • Jeff

    This is a scam I invested $10000.00 even though my daughters told me not to do it. They told me not to withdraw after 3 months and the account will be well over $80k. After the first day the guy called Roger Wilson called to put in another $15000.00 then on the 4th day he told me all this bullshit to put in another $10k I told them I will not giving any money until after 3 months by now the account after 3 days is $5600. So I decided to withdraw $5400 and the phone stop ringing. When I fill in the withdraw the system say my manager will contact me in 48hrs. I straight away ring the bank to cancel the card and advise them about the scam. They are investigating and I’m sure they will do everything in their power to help get my money back. I am so dumb even one of my kid is a lawyer and said not to do it but I think wanting easy money is not a good thing. I learned the hard way. I was lucky enough not to loose more as I was looking to invest a huge amount. Thanks for this site that I was aware the Click2sell is a scam. They’ve also ask for my passport and photo id the only good thing I didn’t hand them over or they are doing identity fraud. I hope this help someone who is about to scam by these people.

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