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Tips on Money Making from Affiliate Programs

In affiliate marketing, advertisers provide text links, banners and ad copy to publishers who promote products for a commission on any resulting sales. Affiliate commissions can often be quite lucrative, and so webmasters for niche websites can be well-served by creating marketing strategies that include online affiliate product programs.

Affiliate Programs

Following are some ways a website owner might choose to market a product or service.

Blogging About Affiliate Products on a Niche Website

One of the easiest ways to promote marketing opportunities is to blog about personal experiences with the affiliate product or service. Readers visit a blog because they are interested in what the writer has to say, and an open and honest review of a product that is relevant to the readership can encourage people to click links and try the products for themselves.

One example of an approach to blogging about an affiliate product would be writing a book review for a relevant title and using an Amazon affiliate link to point readers to where they can purchase a copy of the book for themselves.

Using Banner Advertising to Market Affiliate Programs on a Niche Website

Banner advertising can be an easy way to passively market affiliate programs on a niche website. Most affiliate opportunities come with marketing materials to support the promotion of the product, including ready-made banners in a variety of sizes. These banners can be plugged into the website template in strategic locations throughout the site.

Using Email Marketing to Make Money with Products

One of the most valuable possessions an affiliate marketer has is a qualified email list. Subscribers on a qualified list have already shown an interest in the niche, so are more likely to convert to sales when presented with an relevant affiliate marketing opportunity.

An important thing to keep in mind with email affiliate marketing is to balance communications so that not all emails are sales calls. A constant barrage of emails pushing affiliate products is likely to have subscribers dropping off like flies. By contrast, taking the time to build a relationship and provide value to a list shows subscribers consideration for their needs, which means they will appreciate a relevant product when one is presented to them.

Leveraging Social Media in Online Affiliate Product Marketing Strategies

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be a great opportunity for promoting affiliate products. But once again, the key here is showing value. Social media sites are about community, and the community doesn’t typically respond well to people who are only out to sell them things.

Take the time to interact with friends and followers, add value, share and participate. Then, when there is a product or service that is relevant, share the details with the community.

With some time and effort, blogging, social media, email marketing and banner advertising can turn an affiliate program marketing strategy into a lucrative source of passive income for niche website owners.

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