10 Things Employees Really Want At Work

employee things 10 Things Employees Really Want At Work

As far as workplace expectations go, it is often found that employees and employers are on different pages or even on different chapters entirely. A report from the ADP based on 3,218 employers and 5,330 employees from global companies showed tremendous gaps between employer and employee on how they perceive expectations. This disconnect has the potential to create contradictory behaviors and attitudes. The reports found that, while some employees have more loyalty to companies and take pride in their work, two-thirds are open to new job opportunities or continuously looking for new opportunities. Staff retention boils down to these 10 things.

1. Employee Wellness

Employee self-care and wellness are one of the latest concepts which employees want at the workplace. Essentially, employers who care about their employees should start to adopt these concepts since they will become part of a wellness program initiative that will be released during the middle of 2019. The report found that employees with healthy habits that prioritize physical and mental health offer long-standing overall benefits to their companies and employers.

respect 10 Things Employees Really Want At Work

2. Respectful Treatment and Equality

Treat everybody with respect from office cleaners to management to ensure people feel like part of the family team and strongly relates to employer values. Employers, employees and company brand that are coherent with these values, give everybody an increased degree of positive job and work association that will result in satisfactory self-application. Job seekers apply to companies and brands that they admire and respect, therefore, harboring the desire for a respectful work environment.

3. Job Security

Employees want to know that the company and their job are sound. Contracts tend to increase stability and retention. This is something that increases with time and has a direct impact on job satisfaction as insecurity reduces mental and physical health, increases burn-out and automatically decreases work performance.

4. Information

Employees want to know everything that is expected of them from day one without being left to their own devices like waiting days or weeks to be set up or connected to work systems. These seemingly minor delays tend to directly impact job settlement and feeling established within the company.

5. Trust

Employees need to trust employers and need that trust to be reciprocated. Show employees why you employed them in the first instance and that you believe in their capabilities. Mutual respect between management and colleagues encourages everybody to do well and work harder.

recognition 10 Things Employees Really Want At Work

6. Recognition

Recognition is often at the top of employee lists with a low percentage of employees really feeling valued at work. Giving recognition does not cost money and it can include the implementation of an employee recognition system.  Valued members of a team and feeling appreciated drives employees to give excellent quality work while contributing more than they actually should.

7. Autonomy

Employees do not appreciate micromanagement. When an employer hired someone, they effectively state that they know the candidate has the required training to do a job. It is insulting when an employer tries to do the employee’s job for them. Give them autonomy to complete what they do effectively. However, allow for a non-discriminatory culture where questions can be asked in the case of uncertainty. Autonomy also requires flexibility through an openness to new ideas or different methods of working, which often come with the hiring of new talent.

balanced culture 10 Things Employees Really Want At Work

8. A Balanced Culture

Without a balanced culture, employees are prohibited to play their individual role fully to their own potential and strength. Irrespective of the workplace, some organizations and businesses have a dominant coalition where employees thrive in an interruption-filled, extroverted and open environment. Others might feel outside the dominant coalition and this creates an unbalanced culture within the workplace. Fostering a balanced culture requires a workplace that is inclusive and provides every employee with the tools, etc. that they need to succeed.

9. Opportunities to use and further abilities and skills

Employees want to use their strengths and be given the opportunity to advance within the company. They also want to be given opportunities to do courses and study to advance within the company as opposed to hiring external candidates.  Any opportunity to learn new skills and in-house training give employees a sense of being invested ergo a satisfaction with their career progression.

10. Meaningfulness of the job

In the modern business landscape, employees search for purpose and meaningful work. Employees thrive when they are inspired by what they do and being challenged. Zero challenges, monotonous and dull work automatically slow down employees enthusiasm and gusto. An employee will appreciate aspects added to duties outside their comfort or skill zone. A lack of stimulation and motivation result in decreased productivity. Without this, they feel they are wasting both their time and skills and, thus, continually look for a place that will nurture them.

Change is a part of life and loyalty does not always come down to how many zeros you can add to the annual paycheck.


  • Eva

    Actually its very realistic points you have discussed. specially the job security, i think its really means a lot for every employees.


    In a work place or not, the first thing an employee wants from the employer is good behavior. If the behavior of the employer towards the employee is cooperative then half of the problem is solved.

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