The best multi-channel listing software for Ecommerce from SellerSkills

Ecommerce software You log into one dashboard to add or edit new listings. Then log into another. After this, you do it repeatedly until you make the changes to your listings on all marketplaces. It looks like a trifle, on the one hand. At least you got used to allocating time to manually add or edit listings across all the sales channels. But on the other hand, just think of the amount of time you are totally wasting on the job you can effortlessly optimize. SellerSkills is product listing software  that can save you a great deal of time. By bringing all your sales channels to a single dashboard, it will ensure you list all the new products or make changes across the integrated platforms simultaneously.

Creating new listings is a cakewalk

Adding new listings to your multiple stores or marketplaces can be a daunting task. You’ve got to get ready several copies of spreadsheets with differently-formatted information and make sure the product images are aligned with the platform’s requirements. Then, it takes time to upload the files to the platform. Frequently, you may need to fix the errors in the spreadsheet. If you do not want listing creation to take ages, SellerSkills offers several ways to add new listings in a blink of an eye: Import them from the main store. Use the Fast Add Product feature. When you create an account with SellerSkills, you will be prompted to set up the main store. This is a channel that has the fullest and most recent ecommerce listing updates. Right at the stage of setting up your account, you will be able to import listings from the selected main store to other marketplaces you’ve integrated into the SellerSkills account. If you would like to add new listings available at none of your stores, SellerSkills recommends using the Fast Add Product feature. It works like this. You enter the product’s unique identifier into the search bar that will connect you with the Amazon listings database. Even if you are not an Amazon seller, you will still be able to use this instrument. The algorithm will match you with the existing listing (which means that it is already filled with relevant information). Then, you copy it to your SellerSkills inventory, create your listings, and publish it. There is no need to make your listings fit into every platform. SellerSkills has already customized the data exchange process, so every line and piece of information goes where it must be.

Editing a listing on multiple platforms simultaneously

Things can be hectic when you’ve got to edit a bulk of listings on all your sales channels. If you do not use a tool to streamline this process, you may spend plenty of time updating data across multiple platforms. With SellerSkills, there is no need to open the seller accounts of different marketplaces and edit every listing separately. This app allows you to make any changes through a centralized dashboard. You update the needed information once, and it gets synced across the chosen integrated platforms. Quickly update prices, quantity, product details, or other information through a centralized SellerSkills platform.

Other SellerSkills perks you will love

As a multi-channel listing management software, SellerSkills has rich functionality that would enable you to do your job faster and easier:
  • An unlimited number of listings – list as many products as you want.
  • Quick price control – instantly update prices across the channels.
  • Smart repricing – track the pricing tendencies on the market and adjust your product costs to stay on top of your profit margin.
  • Listing templates – add new listings using templates tailored to the peculiarities of every marketplace.
  • Product categorizes – create product categories within SellerSkills inventory to organize your listings and get access to them easier.
  • Popular integrations – sell through Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, and Google Shopping (will be released soon) from a single user-friendly panel.
  • Reasonable and transparent fees – use SellerSkills for free or pay a fee depending on the number of monthly orders (no feature limitations – you get full access to software functionality, even on a free plan).
SellerSkills is also packed with effective instruments that allow managing inventory and orders from multiple sales channels from a centralized SellerSkills panel. Control stock levels, get replenishment notifications, log new arrivals, arrange shipping, and more with SellerSkills.

The final word

SellerSkills multi-channel listing management app is a lifesaver for sellers who want to take control of day-to-day listing management-related processes. It allows streamlining operations, so you spend less time on creating, editing, and managing listings and can focus on value-added activities.

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