15 Ways to Save Money for Study Abroad

15 Ways to Save Money for Study Abroad

In the recent years education has managed to shatter the boundaries of borders as there has been a sharp rise in the number of students traveling abroad for studies, more than ever before. Top colleges on the 美国大学排名 lists receive millions of applications every year. However, even with scholarships, it is quite an expensive affair. Thus, start making some solid plans to save up if you want to study abroad.

  1. Education costs

Make a rough estimate of your estimated education costs. It will give you an idea of how much you need to save.

  1. Scholarships

A number of universities across the world offer several scholarship options for meritorious students. Apply for these scholarships and you can get your degree fully paid for or at least only partially self-funded.

  1. Funding

If the degree or program you are applying for is not eligible for a scholarship, check with the host university if there is a student financial aid possible to help you pay for it.

Savings fund 15 Ways to Save Money for Study Abroad

  1. Savings fund

Create a savings fund where you start putting in every bit of money so you can have a tangible idea of your funds.

  1. Luxuries

Evaluate which expenses are luxuries that can be cut down temporarily and put the saved money in your fund.

  1. Transport

Cycling is a healthy mode of transport, and it’s practically free. For longer distances start taking public transport and save gas money.

Shopping 15 Ways to Save Money for Study Abroad

  1. Shopping

When shopping for necessities go out with a list and buy only what you need. For regular needs, try to purchase in bulk and you can save up a lot.

  1. Eating out

Instead of eating out or buying coffee, learn to cook and make your beverages at home. Not only is this healthier and saves you money, it prepares you for your stay abroad too.

  1. Memberships

With you moving abroad, you will anyway no need that gym or supermarket membership for a while at least so go ahead and cancel those and save up on membership charges.

  1. Coupons

Coupons can be absolute lifesavers when it comes to saving money. Whenever you find a coupon, save it to use on your next purchase. Look for student discounts that you can use.

Buy second hand 15 Ways to Save Money for Study Abroad

  1. Buy second hand

If you need to buy anything, look around for cool second-hand finds, which are usually so much cheaper than new, sometimes even free.

  1. Free fun

You don’t always need to pay big to have a lot of fun. Plan cheap but romantic dates, go to parks and free places with your friends and hang out at your or other people’s home.

  1. Unplanned money

If you receive any unplanned money, be it a festive gift from family or tax refunds, put that into your education funds immediately.

  1. Garage sale

Garage sales are a great way to declutter and save up. Anything that you don’t use, like or can’t take with you can be sold for some extra cash.

  1. Get another job

If you have time pick up another job, and put in the pay from it into your savings. There are several freelance jobs you can do from home as well.

With some perseverance and determination, you can save up a lot of money to study abroad.

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