How You Must Dress For Job Interviews

If believed to a research, employers hire those guys who can be a good fit with their existing team. So, dress play a key role in the impression one makes in an interview.

job interview dress

Don’t feel slapping on a suit would be the answer to be impressive and get hired. However, it is also not to turn to oblivion that every office environment is different. You obviously need to look polished, but simultaneously you need to also look like you belong.

The big question is how you will nail the first impression when you know each office has its own sartorial style.

Experts believe you must do a small research about the company before going for an interview. It is suggested to ask those who know someone there. If not, just walk past the building and take a glimpse of employees and their wearing. You can understand what outlook is preferred.

job interview dress

Shopping director at, Tiffany Yannetta, said if you are a bit in doubt about the clothing part, simply dress nicely and look professional.

She adds once you know the environment of the company, you can understand what to wear.

In a casual workplace like retail store, local restaurant or kid’s camp, it is suggested to put your best foot forward.

Yannetta added you should not look stuffy and try to create an impression that you are taking the interview seriously.

job interview dress

In such workplace women can dress up with a nice pair of pants and a blouse. If not, a casual dress would equally go spruced up with a blazer and professional flats.

Men can go with a dark denim or khaki pant paired with a button-down shirt. However, a professional shoes is necessary and no sneakers please.

For business casual workplace does not dress like a start-up founder. Experts say no to wear sweatpants or shorts. Women can go in a pair of trousers paired with a button-down shirt. If not, a blouse and a well-fitted blazer will be okay.

Yannetta continued, “Try to make it feel young and fresh.”

Men should wear a pair of work pants or trousers paired with a button-down shirt.

Both the sexes should pay attention to the shoes and avoid working those pair which look cheaply made.

Apart from all these tips, make sure you should feel really comfortable while walking into a room. You should not be uncomfortable or ashamed of what you are wearing. Look smart too in your attire.

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