Retro games online: Facebook’s Castle Age – Beginner strategy guide

Retro games online – Castle Age is one of the most popular Facebook retro games online, different from most of the others in its level of complexity. There are many different aspects of the game, each fun to play in its own right.

Retro games online: Facebook’s Castle Age - Beginner strategy guide

Basic Overview of Facebook’s Castle Age

The retro games online takes place in a typical fantasy world of elves, wizards, orcs, etc. You play a mighty hero who makes friends, undertakes quests, fights monsters, and so on. Your relative strength as a player depends on your level of experience, number of facebook friends in your army, and which “generals” and weapons you accumulate during gameplay.

Objectives of Retro Games Online Castle Age

Like most Facebook games, the objective is to have a little fun, play for ten minutes or so and then get back to work. Within the retro games online, there are different objectives: goals to attain that are challenging yet fun. Basically, the idea is to amass experience, gold, items, favor points and generals.

Experience: As you do quests and fight battles, you’ll gain experience points. More experience will allow you to go up in levels. As you level up, you have the opportunity to become stronger, healthier, a better defender, etc.

Gold: Quests and battles will give you gold, which can be then used to purchase generals, weapons, soldiers, and land. Land will give you a return on your gold every hour or so. Gold can also be used to recharge health. After the first few levels, gold is pretty meaningless in Castle Age.

Items: Collecting items is probably the best part about Castle Age. There are dozens of items including weapons, armor, special soldiers, bits of maps, spells and other cool stuff available. Weapons and armor help you fight, soldiers increase your army, maps open new quests, etc. Some items can be purchased at the “town” but most of the good stuff must be won during battle.

Favor Points: Favor points are a special sort of currency which can be used to buy very cool items and generals. You earn them by paying respect to the Gods, winning them in battle, or purchasing them with real-world cash. Don’t waste them on army members or energy recharges: save them for the mystery boxes of treasure.

Generals: Generals are heroes who can aid you in quests and battle. They can be purchased with gold or favor points. After about level 30 or so, chances are you’ll have bought all of the available generals except the ones that you’ll need favor points for, so don’t worry about them too much.

Castle Age Strategy Tips

retro mini games

Add as many Facebook friends as you can. Larger “armies” do more damage and allow you to progress more rapidly.
It’s not necessary to spend real-world money on the game, but if you want to have the best items and generals, you may have to spend some cash to do it.
Definitely join the Facebook group “Castle Age Fanatics” and check it every so often. The best loot comes from the big monsters, the ones that it takes fifty people clicking on for three days to bring down. Other players constantly add their monsters, so joining in an ongoing fight is easy.
There is a “Master and Apprentice” feature, which will allow new players to learn from more experienced ones.

One of the best features about Castle Age is that the designers constantly add new quests, items, generals and more. It’s addictive, but doesn’t take too long to play. It’s well worth checking out!

Some more retro mini games on Facebook

More likely than not, you’re on Facebook. Who isn’t, after all? One of the single the best ways to get and stay connected, Facebook, a worldwide phenomenon in social networking, is a great way to socialize. Have fun with friends and family, make new friends, and enjoy Facebook’s some of the great retro mini games, day or night!

What are Facebook Retro Mini Games

Retro games online

Most Facebook retro mini games are flash-based applications you play on Facebook. Thousands of games are available, but playing the game is almost always only half the fun. On Facebook, part of the fun is becoming a fan of your game’s Facebook page, reading their forums, and making friends, both new and old! Best of all, Facebook games are completely free! While most Facebook games have offers and sell game currency, purchasing currency isn’t mandatory to play the games.


While there is a multitude of retro mini games available on Facebook, some of the most popular are produced by Zynga. Zynga produces games for Facebook, MySpace, iPhone/iPod, MSN, Tagged, and MyYahoo. Some Zynga games available at Facebook include, but are not limited to:

Mafia Wars
Treasure Isle

Zynga, one of the vastly popular retro mini games, allow Facebook users to build properties, share with friends and family, and are all socially interactive. The more friends that play along, the better the café, or island, or mafia will be!

All your Favorites

Hooked on Bejeweled or MineSweeper? Have fond memories of Super Mario Brothers on the NES? Enjoy first person shooters, puzzle and maze games, and Atari classics? Chances are, if its an amazing classic game, Facebook has it! Facebook games are searchable by name, alphabetically, or by category, so look for such greats as:

Super Mario Flash
Carnival Tycoon
Connect 4 & Yathzee
Duck Hunt
Zelda Memory

Be Advised

While Facebook’s retro games online are fun, they can also be extremely time consuming and should be enjoyed, like all things, in moderation. Most Facebook games, like those written by Zynga, allow users to send requests to friends and family en masse, so users should be aware of how many requests are being sent. No one wants to be spammed or alienated, although most of Zynga’s games, for example, only allow a certain number of requests a day to cut back on request spam. Most Facebook games also have requirements and won’t run on all systems.

So, when looking for something to do, or a way to get more connected, Facebook is a great social network with hundreds of ways to live and play with friends and family. Join Facebook, look for the great games and more, and begin the social experiences enjoyed by millions of Facebook users.

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