Exterminating The Cockroaches with Reliable Pest Control

Exterminating The Cockroaches with Reliable Pest Control

Most people scream and squeal at the sight of them and others would make it their goal to kill and destroy those disgustingly, detestable little insects. Extermination is always being done by a team of cockroach exterminator Phoenix area to find these pests with methods of eradicating and repelling them from invading households and workplaces.

Cockroaches may be extremely common and found almost anywhere in the city and urbanized areas, but they certainly are not popular or well-received at all.

There are six species of cockroaches that are household pests, named mostly according to their region discovered e.g. the German, Oriental, American and Turkestan cockroach, while two more species are named by their description i.e. brown-banded and smoky brown cockroaches.

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects; hence they are most active at night when humans are asleep and unaware of their social activities. However, even before we are able to make an appearance at any of their unannounced parties, the roaches would scatter when they sense even a hint of movement or disturbance.

Cockroaches Exterminating The Cockroaches with Reliable Pest Control

One field cockroach, not really a pest, may enter indoors during hot or dry seasons and can be mistaken for the German cockroach. The German cockroach is among the most persistent and troublesome. Oriental and American cockroaches can be a problem in moist and humid areas.

Cockroaches are versatile and adaptable insects that live all over the world, in all climates and conditions, however, they tend to prefer warm, humid and moist environments and often populate dark areas as they then to stay away from light.

They literally flourish as pests in homes, offices, restaurants, and even hospitals – wherever food is prepared or stored. Apart from being repulsive creatures on mere sight, they contaminate food and utensils, with offensive odor and stains.

Of health significance is the transmission of infection through the bacteria they carry, particularly Salmonella and Shigella, Streptococcus, hepatitis, and coliform bacteria, through its contact with human excrement or pet droppings, causing even typhoid and dysentery.

Fabric and paper products are targeted too, possibly leaving distinct defects.

In this day and age, private and well-insulated homes have become places where roaches find their dwelling. Studies show that around 78 to 98 percent of homes in Phoenix have cockroaches – a rather worrying statistic. However, an even more unimaginable statistic is that each home has between 900 to 330,000 of these loathsome insects.

Close-up image of cockroach in house on background of water closet. Exterminating The Cockroaches with Reliable Pest Control

Apparently, if you have spotted one cockroach in the kitchen or basement, you would have to assume that there are at least 800 of them hidden under the kitchen sink, behind the stove, in the closets and more.

As disturbing as these statistics maybe, this could very well be the reality of what is happening in your home.

Chemical control and pesticides may be known to be the most effective way of getting rid of cockroaches but they may not be the safest way of dealing with these insects.

Before even getting to the stage where pesticides are needed, the best roach exterminator Phoenix AZ experts may be able to make safer and non-toxic measures to keep those roaches away. Sanitation is the most important preventative measure, especially in the kitchen and toilets.

Food scraps or any food evidence like crumbs and grease, especially, would definitely attract cockroaches. Every surface where food is handled ought to be wiped down and kept clean.

Cockroaches love water and hair; hence toilets and public pool areas are notorious for housing these creatures.

Besides sanitation procedures, there are other exclusion techniques that would help prevent cockroaches. Caulking or sealing gaps and cracks are definitely important, as roaches are able to crawl in through any openings available to them.

Other exclusion techniques could include using gel or sticky barriers that would prevent those six-legged insects from crawling onto furniture or surfaces. There are Teflon aerosols that could be sprayed on walls (leaving a powdery film) that can be rather effective as cockroach barriers.

Another safe alternative for ridding cockroaches is by sprinkling diatomaceous earth in places where cockroaches live, such as surface tops and behind furniture and appliances.

This substance does not harm humans but could kill the insect within 48 hours of contact, as the powder particles cut the roach’s waxy exoskeleton, a slow but sure death. It also dehydrates the insects; hence they might be found scurrying about in frantic search for water.

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