How to Ensure Your Boat Will Be Protected in Boat Storage

How to Ensure Your Boat Will Be Protected in Boat Storage

Whether it’s powered by an engine or by sails, your boat represents a significant investment. It is tempting to try to store it at home, but that can quickly turn sour. The space required, along with the need to protect it from the elements, can be more than you can handle. Boat storage facilities such as Lock N Store can offer help here, but how do you ensure that your boat is safe while in their care?

Indoor Boat Storage

One of the most important considerations for boat owners who want to maximise their security is to ensure that the facility you choose offers indoor boat storage, as well as outdoor storage options. Indoor storage adds an additional layer of protection against prying eyes, but will also protect against UV-related fading, as well as exposure to the elements. However, understand that indoor storage is more expensive than outdoor storage, so make sure this lines up with your budget.

Video Surveillance and Alarms

boat storage Video Surveillance and Alarms

Another important consideration when choosing boat storage is to ensure that the facility offers both video surveillance and alarms. The entire property should be covered by video cameras, ensuring that anyone entering the facility after hours will be spotted. Alarms should be set up on doors and gates securing boat storage, as well. This ensures that even if an intruder is not seen on video, they cannot access the storage area without tripping an alarm and alerting security staff. All gates and doors should also be secured with coded entry systems.

24-Hour Staff

Finally, make sure that there is a human security presence on the property at all times. It might be no more than a single security professional who monitors the video feed and patrols the perimeter periodically, but there should be someone present to stop intruders as quickly as possible.

With the right boat storage facility, you’ll have access to the ideal amount of space for your boat and trailer, but also have the option of indoor and outdoor storage. You’ll have protection from a multilayer security strategy, too. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you store and protect your boat at Lock N Store.

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