Why Locksmith Burnaby in British Columbia are gaining popularity


Why Locksmith Burnaby in British Columbia are gaining popularity

Thieves and burglars have been a major force in society throughout the ages, and even in Roman times stealing was considered an extreme crime. The book Ancient Law, by Sir Henry James Sumner Maine, reveals that Roman laws condemned a slave thief to death, if he was caught in the home or with the stolen goods. If he was a freeman thief, he was sentenced to be the bondsman of the property owner.

So although robbery is an historical problem, the Washington, D.C., Police Executive Research Forum survey reports that home burglaries have multiplied as the recession, and loss of jobs and money, has caused people to become desperate. As news reports increase on the subject of robberies, be alert and be prepared to outwit those who may threaten the security of family and property.

Assess the security of the home

View the home and property from the same vantage point that a burglar would utilize, as he cases the location. Then ask the following questions:

Where could someone hide? Behind an overgrown bush? On the dark side of a shed?

Is there an object sitting in the yard that would facilitate a break-in? A hidden key? A ladder?

Does the house look lived in or as if no one is home?

What is the weakest link? A window that doesn’t quite close? Is glass, that can be easily broken, near the front door?

Once the assessment is complete, fix the existing problems. Don’t hide keys outside, they are too easily located. Lock up the ladder and other tools that may be laying around. Trim the bushes, and install motion-sensitive lights in dark areas of the property. Repair the broken window. Put a double-sided key lock on the door with nearby glass, or install security window film to make the glass harder to break. Keep your lawn cut and the snow shoveled, to make the home appear lived-in.

Tips to burglar-proof a home

  • Become friendly with your neighbors, and ask them to report any strange activities, or create a neighborhood block watch group.
  • When parking the car outside the garage, remove the garage door opener and bring it inside.
  • Keep doors locked with single cylinder one-inch deadbolt locks, and secure sliding glass doors with a pin, pole or slide-bolt lock. Install a peep-hole in doors.
  • Close and lock windows at night or when away from home.
  • Plant rose or other thorny bushes under windows.
  • Keep shades lowered or curtains closed, when not at home, so home furnishings are out of the sight of prying eyes.
  • Install a timer on indoor and outdoor lights.
  • Have hard-to-break glass block or window stops installed on low and basement windows.
  • Install 1¾ inch solid-core doors that are not easily kicked in, and a security screen door with a steel frame.
  • Install a security system with glass break detectors.
  • Keep interior and exterior garage doors closed and locked.
  • Get a dog, or purchase a barking-dog alarm.

What if you become victim of your own high security home 

become victim of your own high security home  Locksmith Burnaby

While making the home security features highly safe there are instances when the owner or member of the family get stuck and locked either inside or outside the house due to lost or damage of keys, or for other reasons. So, you need the help of a professional locksmith in such circumstances. If you are in Burnaby, there are abundant options in this great city with beautiful sunshine and gorgeous beaches where burglary is not frequent but wrong to say it does not exist. Moreover, the housing bust in the area has resulted with several changes in environment and residents as well. There are a wide array of locksmiths to help you and other Samaritans. Below are a good and handpicked list of locksmiths in Burnaby who are highly professional in their work and quote you reasonable and competitive price for their services. Before that, you can also check this website for an immediate locksmith service in your area:

TOP Locksmith Burnaby

Opened 24 hours a day the TOP Locksmith Burnaby is one of the renowned locksmiths in the British Columbia to help resident who is locked out of their houses. According to reviews on Google Map the price is amazing and executives are friendly. They are highly knowledgeable in the trade and carry the right tools with them. They have a decent website and their telephone helpline welcomes warmly.

Accurate Security

The Accurate Security on the 439 Sixth St, New Westminster is highly a trusted name in the locksmith trade. They too offer their services 24×7 to help to anybody who is in dire need at night or during the day. They are master in changing keys, repairing locks and re-keying too. Their field executives are friendly and efficient and the company claims to arrive at your service within 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Mr. Locksmith

The Mr. Locksmith is lock and security specialists who pride themselves on being a locally owned company. Covering the greater Burnaby area, the Mr. Locksmith will bring quick, efficient service to anybody in dangerous, emergency situations. People are often found without their keys and relying on a company like them will help these potentially life-threatening situations resolve quickly.

Burnaby Locksmith Service

The Burnaby Locksmith Service at 4500 Still Creek Dr #51, Burnaby claims to offer 30 minutes response time across day and throughout night. They are open for all 365 days and their locksmith professionals are skilled and certified. They warmly help the residents in emergency situations and offers services along most of the Burnaby area.

North Strong Locksmith

North Strong Locksmith at 5950 Portland St, Burnaby is one of the renowned locksmiths in the Burnaby area as they are highly skilled in their trade and offer services professionally. Their executives are friendly and they are just a phone away. They try to reach to callers within 30 minutes from the first call made. Their rates are competitive.

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