These Ibiza Attractions Are Absolutely Perfect for UK Students on Winter Break

These Ibiza Attractions Are Absolutely Perfect for UK Students on Winter Break

While Ibiza is known as ‘the’ place to go on spring and summer break, many university students flock there in the winter months as well. What the residents of Ibiza consider to be cool weather is a welcome break to UK students who are dealing with freezing temperatures by day and night. Even so, many of the most popular clubs are only open in the summer months because the majority host ‘open air’ dance floors. Never fear, there are still a number of trendy dance clubs that operate year round.

Remember, January in Ibiza may be warm enough for UK students but it is also the rainiest month of the year on the island. Therefore, clubbing isn’t going to be the only attraction for students visiting the island on a winter break. Ibiza just might surprise you as there is so much more to see and do that students come back year after year for that bit of fun in the sun that isn’t all about clubbing. Here are some of the main attractions in Ibiza during the winter months.

Book Your Flights Early

Before talking about all there is to see and do on this magical Balearic Island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the one thing you will want to do is book your flights and make parking arrangements early on. Students often like to travel en masse with a group of their mates, so travelling from Birmingham to Ibiza (for example) would mean that they’d need to book parking in advance as well.

Car Park 5 Birmingham Airport offers a great deal for students because it’s a Park & Ride facility close to the terminal with rates comfortable for the average student. Why spend all your money on a car park when there’s so much you want to do in Ibiza? Take the time to locate Birmingham Airport parking options here so that you can reserve as many parking spots as needed for all your friends who will be designated drivers to and from the airport. Just remember to book your car park the moment your flight is confirmed so that you will have one less worry when it’s time to enjoy that much-anticipated winter break.

A Time for Quiet Reflection

Many students appreciate the fact that Ibiza slows down almost to a crawl in winter months, as a majority of the major clubs only open their doors from May through October. Serious students enjoy the peace and serenity of this Mediterranean island in the winter, as the population drops by more than half. During the summer months Ibiza is ‘home’ to more than 400,000 residents, but in the winter that number dwindles to a mere 150,000 who realistically call the island home.

Yes, some are winter residents seeking to avoid the snow and cold, but many are true locals who are eager to cater to winter visitors. During the summer months, the island is a frenzy of activity, but in the winter the locals have the time to talk about and show you why they love their home.

Another Side of Ibiza Beaches

Another Side of Ibiza Beaches

Even though UK residents on holiday find that the weather is pleasantly warm, it is still just a bit chilly to head to the beaches for a day of swimming. Instead, students like to don sweats and jackets to walk along the sandy shores to explore the many caves and playas. This is a time when students are actually able to see the majestic beauty of the island now devoid of parasols and throngs of beachgoers who break the scenic beauty by their sheer number alone. From drumming sessions at the end of a beach in Benniras to the paintings in caves in Atlantis, exploring the island is a favourite pastime for visitors young and old.

Speaking of The Lost City of Atlantis, this is said to be one of the most mystical places on earth. One of the main attractions in the area is the rock formations that form a perfect background for photo ops. Students love to take photos of all the creative drawings and carvings others before them left on those rocks. At one point, the figure of a Buddha has been carved and this is where you’ll find the throwbacks to the days of Flower Power. This is where a new generation of ‘hippies’ congregate when touring the island.

Food Takes on a Better Flavour in the Winter Months

Most critics say that Ibiza, at the best of times, is second rate when it comes to culinary attractions. In other words, food fares poorly when reviewing the island during those wild, wet months of summer. Perhaps this is because most of the food prepared on the island is imported from the mainland and when catering to that many tourists, it’s practically impossible to keep an adequate store of fresh produce and meats.

In the winter, however, the locals have a chance to express their own culinary artistry and this is when students will get a real taste of the real Ibiza. When not catering to global tourists, the locals go all out to feature their own traditional menus. It’s easier to keep fresh foods in stock, and without the need to prepare a wide range of dishes for the ‘average’ palate, the locals feature their own native dishes the locals expect when dining out.

Clubs Open for Business During the Winter Months

Clubs Open for Business During the Winter Months in Ibiza

While most students arriving on Ibiza for a winter break understand right up front that the biggest open-air clubs are closed for the season, knowing that there are still a smattering of clubs open gives them that extra incentive to explore Ibiza in December and January. These clubs may change from year to year but one of the most recent listings can be found on this site. You are, after all, a student, and partying is what you look forward to when not cramming for finals!

Oddly, one of the most popular clubs that’s open in the winter doubles as an art gallery by day! This is where you are likely to find students of the arts congregating at any hour of the day or night. The club is called B12 and is typically open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. If you are looking for Ibiza’s famous underground scene, the Veto Social Club will be well worth an evening out. As of this writing, there is no entrance fee being charged and the selection of music tends toward the electro sound, which is ideal for dancing and partying away the night.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold

So, there you have a sampling of what there is to do and see during the winter in Ibiza. Why spend weeks in the frigid air of the UK when you can be relaxing on a Mediterranean island with just enough excitement to keep you busy. From outdoor exploration to clubs open year round, there really is much to attract even the most discerning of winter holiday goers. No, you won’t find the crowds of summer but what you will find is a taste of the real Ibiza sans the tourist traps of summer. Enjoy Ibiza this winter because this is when you’ll find the best of both sides of the island.


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    This is one of the best attraction of island.People will get a real taste of the real Ibiza.We can see the majestic beauty of the island

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    These Ibiza Attractions Are Absolutely Perfect for UK Students on Winter Break

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    This is one of the best attraction of island.People will get a real taste of the real Ibiza.We can see the majestic beauty of the island

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