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3 Coffee Lovers Tips For Making The Perfect Brew

3 Coffee Lovers Tips For Making The Perfect Brew

There is nothing better than the aroma and taste of properly brewed coffee every morning to get your day started. Coffee lovers will agree. If you are an avid coffee drinker, you will want proper coffee and not instant coffee.

Instant coffee takes less effort perhaps unless you are using a pod machine. Then the ultimate cup of coffee is easy to make and very enjoyable. Using coffee pods is extremely popular and convenient and now they are even better by being compostable.

Drinking Coffee The Green Way 3 Coffee Lovers Tips For Making The Perfect Brew

Drinking Coffee The Green Way

Start your day the green way! Coffee pods are not only convenient but they are even biodegradable, making your cup of coffee even better! Being kind to the environment is the key to sustainable living and you can make a difference with the first cup of coffee you drink every single day.

Biodegradable pods are even better than before as they are now compostable, meaning they break down completely into soil in approximately eight weeks. This is a fantastic way to incorporate sustainability into everyday use.

If you are able to source coffee that is Fair Trade, you are also supporting a fair and sustainable process of coffee trading. Fair Trade offers coffee bean farmers better trading conditions and encourages sustainable farming practices. By drinking Fair Trade coffee, you are not only supporting the environment but the people behind the coffee industry who work on farms to bring you your beloved cup of coffee. Just an added bonus to drinking coffee the green way!

Better Brewed Coffee 3 Coffee Lovers Tips For Making The Perfect Brew

Better Brewed Coffee

There are various ways to enjoy coffee, whether you enjoy your coffee black, sweetened or with a dash of milk, coffee comes in many tastes and strengths.

Making the perfect cup of coffee will depend on your preferences firstly. Do you enjoy very strong coffee, or do you skip the espressos until later in the day? Perhaps you do a combination of strengths, starting with a double espresso and moving on to milder forms throughout the day.

Once you have selected your desired strength and flavor of coffee, remember to use the best ingredients if you don’t drink it black. Full cream milk will make the world of difference as opposed to low-fat variants. Some coffee fanatics will even go as far as using mineral water to brew their perfect cup of coffee.

If you are making a cappuccino, use farm fresh cream to make an extra indulgent cuppa. Although real coffee lovers from Italy will tell you foamed milk is the original cappuccino form. Even so, use fresh milk to make your ultimate cappuccino.

Clean Machine And Utensils 3 Coffee Lovers Tips For Making The Perfect Brew

Clean Machine And Utensils

It is a no-brainer that when using machines or kettles to make coffee, they should always be clean. Clean your coffee machine often. Empty grounds, pods, filters or excess water out; you should not give bacteria or molds the opportunity to grow.

Similarly, always use clean cups and cutlery. If you have a frother or steamer, clean this after every use to avoid build-up of milk or coffee residue. Coffee machines may need maintenance from time to time, and this is always a great way to ensure you get the best quality cups of coffee from your device. Do not attempt to fix a coffee machine yourself if you have no idea what you are doing, sending your machine in for repairs will be your best bet because you could end up spending more money on purchasing a new machine instead.

No matter how you drink your coffee, the most important thing is to enjoy your coffee fresh and hot.

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