5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

This winter, more than ever before, our health is a big concern. We’re used to the usual coughs and colds that we all suffer from through the colder months, but this year, the coronavirus pandemic is sweeping through the population, giving us one more thing to worry about. Coronavirus itself is still a relative unknown. We don’t know for sure what helps. We can’t be sure that specific treatments work. We don’t understand what we can do to increase our chances of a quick recovery if we become infected.

It’s probably fair to say that all of the steps that we could take to boost our immune systems won’t hurt. Many of the things that we should be doing at this time of the year anyway, to help to reduce our risks of colds and flu, and aid a speedy recovery, could also help to fight off other viruses and bugs, COVID-19 included.

Often, it’s the simplest lifestyle changes that have the most significant effect. So, here’s a look at five of the things you could do to help you stay healthy throughout the winter.

Get Your Weight in Check

If you are overweight, you are far more likely to succumb to a whole host of illnesses and conditions. If you are obese, these odds get even worse. Even if you are usually a healthy weight but have gained a few pounds in lockdown, you might be more likely to get ill this winter.

Losing weight in winter is hard. You don’t want to exercise outdoors, and you’d rather eat a comforting pot roast than a salad. But it’s not impossible. Focus on making sustainable changes like walking more or practicing home workouts. Then check out these well-constructed best juicer recipes for weight loss, which could help you shed pounds while boosting your energy levels.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

COVID-19 is a respiratory condition. One of the most common symptoms is a cough, caused by the virus attacking your lungs. Improving your cardiovascular health could be a big help. Running and other cardio exercises that get your heart beating faster are great, but it’s ok to start with brisk walks.

Keep Warm

We don’t necessarily catch colds because we are cold. But, being cold can limit your immune responses. Keeping warm by warming your house up and wrapping up well when you are outdoors could decrease your risk of illness.

Take a Vitamin Supplement

Eating well and trying juice recipes should mean that you are getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. But, in winter, we don’t always get as much vitamin D as we should. Taking a supplement to top up can help your immune system.

Improve Your Sleep Routine

Getting more sleep is excellent. We need sleep to keep our bodies working at their best. But, the quality of that sleep is also important. Most restoration happens while we are in a deep sleep, which is quite a small portion of the night for most of us.

Improve your sleep by getting into a routine. Cut caffeine later in the day, get more exercise and try to go to bed at the same time every night.

If you are worried about your health or have any specific issues with your weight, breathing, or sleeping, get in touch with your doctor, who will offer further advice.

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