Attracting love with the power of chakras and crystals

Chakras and crystals – Want to attract love, possibly even find your soul mate? This may be difficult if personal struggles are obstructing positive, love-filled balanced energy. To encourage self-love, and then love for others as well as love from others, try using chakras and crystals for love. There are a number of heart chakra stones which are helpful for emotional healing and attracting love.

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The Power of Chakras and Crystals to Attract Love

Chakras and crystals for love work through the emanation of their specific energy vibrations. Invisible to most people, this energy has the power to affect our lives and well-being according to metaphysical thought. The balanced energy of love attracting chakras and crystals such as rhodochrosite has two primary effects. First, it helps someone struggling with emotional pain, a lack of self-love, or a fear of love, connect with an awareness of unconditional love. Second, some believe that it attracts love and positive relationships, including people who can help with soul growth.

These chakras and crystals are also known as heart chakra stones because they activate, purify, and channel balanced energy through the heart chakra. Through this action they are able to help heal issues of the heart, both physical and emotional; and, expand the reach of the heart.

Attracting Love with Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is believed to be one of the most potent reiki crystals for attracting love. Translucent, and a soft watermelon pink, visually it speaks of a soft, warm, safe love. In chakras and crystals healing, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and peace. It acts to transmute negative energy, replacing it with the positive, with feelings of empathy, sensitivity, and an awareness of beauty. This is the stone for those who have never had love, for those who have lost love, and for those who have trouble loving themselves.

To attract love with rose quartz, wear this crystal over the heart, keep a piece next to the bed, or place a large crystal in the relationship corner of the house. This is the back right corner of the house, or of a room, furthest away from the door or entrance. If this stone proves to be too effective, amethyst can be used to quell any intensity.

Find Your Soul Mate with Rhodochrosite

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Rhodochrosite is an pink and orange ribboned opaque stone. In chakras and crystals healing it represents compassion and selfless love. Where rose quartz is the universal reiki crystal for love, rhodochrosite is more specifically for those who need to face their past to find love. Its balanced energy helps people deal with past abuse and transcend it. This stone is also known to attract a soul mate, not necessarily for a blissful union, but for the soul to learn and develop what it is meant to in this life. Wear rhodochrosite as a bracelet, or place over the heart.

Larimar Love Reiki Crystals

Unlike most heart chakra stones, larimar is not pink, but a blue-green to gray with white and red marks. It is translucent and generally smooth, even in its raw form.

This reiki crystal is a highly spiritual stone, imparting a higher sense of love and tranquility. For the heart, it can heal emotional trauma from past-lives if that is what is inhibiting an ability to feel love and joy in this life. Larimar is also a good stone to find your soul mate.

Pink Tourmaline for Love

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Pink Tourmaline is the aphrodisiac reiki crystal. It is an ideal stone to attract love in terms of introducing relationships, as well as attracting spiritual love. Through the heart chakra, it helps release negativity and self-destructive habits, and introduces feelings of self-love, trust, and confidence. It also encourages physical pleasure. Wear a pink tourmaline reiki crystal over the heart.

Caring for Heart Chakra Stones

As with all chakras and crystals, it is important to properly care for heart chakra stones in order for them to work properly. Always cleanse chakras and crystals initially to release energies that may have been absorbed from other people and environments. Store reiki crystals in a velvet or silk pouch when not being used. Although chakras and crystals may be an unconventional way to improve one’s love life, through an awareness of the power of balanced energy and metaphysical laws, one can understand the positive impact they can have on all who care to use them.

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