Health Benefits of Pineapple

The pineapple is rich in enzymes and nutrients which impart it with preventive, curative and anti-inflammatory properties.


The pineapple is a popular fruit which first grew wild in the West Indies and South America. It was known to the American Indians as “na na”, meaning “fragrance.” The Spanish explorers called it “pina”, since it resembles a pine cone. It is rich in content and health benefits and has a number of uses.

The pineapple contains sulfur containing enzymes and a natural healing enzyme called bromelain. According to The George Mateljan Foundation “Bromelain is a complex mixture of substances that can be extracted from the stem and core fruit of the pineapple” which “has a wide variety of health benefits”.

Both the juice and the fruit have digestive enzymes and natural sugars. The pineapple has amino acids and vitamins of the B group: thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. It also has some vitamin A and is rich in vitamin C. It is a rich source of iron and manganese. Finally, it has calcium, potassium, fiber and copper. However, it is low in fat and cholesterol.

Due to its composition, the pineapple has many health benefits. According to Sheryl Walters in, “Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, is the key to pineapple’s value”. The bromelain helps to balance the acid-alkaline balance in bodily fluids, which in turn aids digestion. It breaks down and helps in the digestion of protein. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling. Therefore, it is used to alleviate conditions like sinus, arthritis, gout, sore throat and osteoarthritis. Moreover, it reduces mucous in the throat and the risk of allergies.

Antioxidant vitamin C in the pineapple has preventive properties. According to Dr.Bakhru, it alleviates constipation and digestive disorders and boosts immunity. It also prevents macular degeneration which affects vision. Moreover, vitamin C is essential for oral health and contributes to strong gums.

Iron is essential for normal blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the body cells. Thus, it helps to prevent anemia and increases vitality. The manganese, along with vitamin B1, also provides energy. Moreover, manganese is required for strong bones and repair of connective tissue.

Pineapple prevents clot formation and helps remove plaque from arteries; therefore, it is especially useful for heart patients. Some molecules in the stem prevent cancer.

It acts as a laxative, tonic and rejuvenator. As a cerebral tonic, it improves memory and brain function.

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