How eczema can be treated through proper diet

Arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, migraine headaches, eczema, low energy levels, frequent ear infections. What do these conditions have in common? According to Dr. John Matsen’s book, Eating Alive, these conditions likely all have their origins in a poorly functioning digestive system and disease like eczema can easily be treated with jojoba oil, aloe vera, argan oil, emu oil and shea butter. Let’s first understand the diet to be followed among children.

eczema diet

Diet – Parents should check their children for sensitivities to food including wheat, dairy, soy, chocolate, nuts, citrus, eggs, and tomatoes. Parents can simply remove a particular food from the diet to see whether its absence alleviates the skin condition. The eczema should not be expected to go away overnight, however. Internal sensitivities to foods take some time to vacate the body and alleviate a particular condition. Two weeks provides plenty of time for a parent to judge whether or not the diet exclusion is making a difference.

Help in Digestion – In order to aid a child in digestion parents can offer dairy free yogurt or probiotics. Since eczema is often caused by food allergens better digestion can often help to alleviate the condition and cure any damage that has been cause to the intestines by the offending food substances.

Essential Fatty Acids – Parents can provide a supplement to children that give them their recommended allowance of EPA and DHA fatty acids. This supplement will usually come from fish oil but there are other forms out too. Your local health food store is the best place to find these supplements. If they include fish oil make sure they are tested at the highest standard for mercury levels.

Argan oil, emu oil, jojoba oil, shea butter – These are often helpful to alleviate immediate discomfort. Comfrey and chamomile are both herbs that help to calm the skin and chickweed has often been used to help skin rashes including eczema.

Let us understand what causes eczema

Eczema is the body’s way of telling a parent that something is not working for a child. Many doctors will recommend over the counter allergy medication to alleviate this condition, however the medication does nothing to alleviate the actual cause of the condition, it just alleviates the symptoms. Allergy medications also carry with them some side effects that can be more harsh on little bodies. The very best action a parent can take for their child is to figure out the cause of the eczema, therefore giving the child a better chance at living his/her life skin-condition-free.

Eczema can be caused by external allergens or internal allergens. Many times internal allergens are responsible for the eczema and external sources aggravate the already sensitive skin. Allergies to cow’s milk as well as gluten, found in wheat, barley, rye and some other grains, are commonly culprits in this and other conditions. Once the condition is present it can be aggravated externally by harsh materials against the skin, detergents, water that is a bit too warm in a bathtub and/or other sources.

Eczema can interfere with a child’s sleeping pattern, therefore becoming a nuisance to the entire family, not just in terms of sleep but also due to frustrating failed attempts to help the child. A child’s eczema rash often occurs behind the knees, behind the elbows, on the face or on the buttocks, but is not limited to those areas.

Organs Involved in Digestion

In clear language that’s easy to understand, Dr. Matsen explains the roles of each of the organs involved in the digestive system. Supported with patients’ letters, and humorous illustrations, the book is extremely informative and easy to read.

The Mystery of Disease Revealed

According to Dr. Matsen, the body is capable of healing itself, given the right tools and conditions. Although disease is often seen to be a powerful but mysterious enemy, Eating Alive, provides the information required to face disease and disable it. “By the end of this book there will be little mystery left to disease. You will understand what disease is and how to activate your body’s suppressed desire to NOT have disease,” says Matsen in the Introduction.

Understanding Disease and Healing

This book is good news for anyone frustrated with frequent visits to doctors without finding solutions to their health problems, anyone interested in healing themselves, or anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the digestive system’s role in maintaining good health.

From Digestive Difficulties to Chronic Disease

Beginning with the function of the stomach, Dr. Matsen explains how wrong eating habits lead to progressive overload of each of the digestive organs until chronic disease results. “From one to two years of age virtually everyone’s stomach is in a state of ‘shock’”, says Matsen in Eating Alive.

Simple Steps Toward Improved Digestive Function

Eating Alive outlines a program to recover the efficient functioning of the digestive system in order to regain good health. The first step is to avoid foods that the body is sensitive to. The next step is to avoid eating certain combinations of foods that if eaten together would result in neutralization of digestive juices, thus lengthening digestive time. The goal of the program is to boost the digestive system in its ability to do what it was designed to do – clear the body of wastes efficiently and quickly. The premise is that when the digestive system is functioning at full capacity, disease conditions can be reversed or prevented.

Factors Involved in Efficient Digestion

In addition to charts outlining an eating program to regain efficient digestion, Eating Alive also explains the role of emotional, psychological, and spiritual states on health in general and digestion in particular. There are also suggested menus and a section devoted to recipes.

Hope for Healing

‘Eating Alive will not solve all of your life problems,” says Matsen in the Introduction, “but if it leaves you with a little more understanding of the majesty of your body and a little less fear of disease, then it will have fulfilled its purpose.”

In a nutshell, Eating Alive may just be the book that provides hope to someone who has given up on finding a solution to their complicated health problems. Eating Alive takes the mystery out of disease and sheds some light on the components necessary for optimum health.

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