These Habits Will Help Protect You Against Phone Radiation

These Habits Will Help Protect You Against Phone Radiation

Phones emit radiation, and there could be adverse effects. The impact might not be easy to determine, but you need to stay protected. There are things you can do to avoid phone radiation.

Avoid lengthy bodily contact with the device

If possible, don’t put your phone in your pocket when you are not using it. You can place it inside a phone case and in your bag when not in use. You need to block the movement of the radiation from your phone to your body. When running, don’t place your phone in your sports bra since it could have detrimental effects.

Place your feet on the ground

The ground helps remove negatively-charged electrons in your body. You can reduce the impact of radiation by doing so. Apart from radiation, you can also avoid other diseases with the help of this strategy. Inflammation, heart diseases and cancer are among them.

Turn your Wi-Fi off when not in use

Even when you are not using the internet at home, if your Wi-Fi is on it is possible for you to receive the impact of radiation. Your phone’s radiation combined with that of the wireless connection can be detrimental. When in public places, you might also expose yourself to Wi-Fi due to the increase of the Wi-Fi service. It is beyond your control, but what happens at home is within your power.

Spend time with people

One of the reasons why you are always on your phone is that you feel bored. You don’t know what to do, and you feel like it is the only way for you to entertain yourself. By spending more time with people you care about, you will gradually put your phone down. Keeping the device away from you helps in protecting you against radiation. You also go back to the time when these devices were not conventional, but people were happy.

Use EMF protection

EMFs are the primary factor why we suffer from radiation because of the constant use of a phone. Using EMF protection is essential. It can help fend off radiation before it reaches your body. It comes in many forms. You can wear jewellery that contains EMF protection. You can place it inside your bag or wear it as regular jewellery. You can also buy a cellular phone case with EMF protection. You can continue using your phone without fearing the effects of radiation.

Start changing now

Don’t wait until it is too late before doing something about it. You understand the effects of radiation even if there are conflicting research results. There is nothing wrong with using your phone regularly especially if you need it. The important thing is to protect yourself and avoid the impact of radiation. Buying EMF protection products, for instance, could work, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy them. There is no harm in using these EMF products if the goal is to keep you and your family safe.

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