How To Maintain A Good Health Following Basic Tips

There are several common ways how you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Just considering the basics will give you good health, free from diseases. Below are some discussed in brief and it is urged to share some more ways in the comment box.

good health

Try not to use plastic water bottles. Stainless steel or a reusable glass water bottle is better as plastic can leach into water. The condition is more if the bottle is stored in heat in garage or a store. As exposure to plastics is more these days, it is suggested to use less of it as much as possible. While using stainless steel container or a glass container do take care it does not have a plastic liner.

Don’t store medicines for long. They lose efficacy and so it is suggested to dispose the outdated one.

Chewing every bite of food is important as digestion starts in mouth. The saliva enzymes in our mouth help in breaking down of the food and as an aftermath our body absorbs more of the nutrients from there. It can also be said post-meal bloating and indigestion are reduced by chewing food 20 to 30 times. Don’t eat quickly. Slow down your eating habit and you will see the stomach is doing its job perfectly.

Similar to power downing of our devices, our mind too need rest. Don’t keep it over-stimulated every time.

It is suggested to connect with nature on daily basis. Spare some time from your daily routine to spend with nature. Exercise regularly and keep reconnecting with the earth. Watch the sunrise, enjoy the autumn foliage or take a short walk.

Do take a note that spices are nature’s most potent disease fighters. Include it in your meal, at least one at every meal, and enjoy the healing benefits. Spices are easy to use as well as satisfy taste buds too. The best thing to do is to add some cinnamon or nutmeg in yogurt, in a smoothie, in cereal or on fruit.

In cosmetics try to use certified toxin-free or reduced toxins products. Upgrade your product and swap it with those which are free of chemicals and toxins like phthalates, parabens and lead. Always know that skin is the largest organ in our body and it is capable of absorbing everything. The chemicals use also travel into our blood streams. Try to use natural oils like olive oil and almond oil as these are good for skin.

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