What To Know While Driving In Winter Weather

Driving a car in winter weather is not easy. It needs about a dozen of tricks and techniques for safe driving and safe reaching to destination. AAA has jotted down some important guidelines how to drive on ice roads and what to consider while you are going on a long trip during the fall. Below are some discussed in brief:


AAA tips while driving car in winter

– Do not warm up your car in garage or other enclosed area.
Ensure that the tires are inflated properly.
– Never empty the gas tank or keep it low filled. At least half full is suggested to avoid gas line freeze-up.
– Do not use parking brake in snowy, rainy and cold weather.
– Avoid using cruise control while driving on ice, sand, wet and other slippery surface.

Tips to follow for long-distance trip in winter

– Don’t forget to watch weather reports before you start your long-distance trip. Even the same to be followed if you are about to drive in isolated areas.
– Get your car inspected by a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility to ensure it is in peak operating condition.
– Don’t forget to carry blankets, hats, food, gloves, water and medication in long trip.
– Even don’t forget to keep local AAA’s telephone number at hand.
In case you are snow-bound, it is recommended to stay with the car as you will get temporary shelter and even the rescuers can locate you easily.
– Never try to walk in a severe storm.
– At night keep the dome light on as rescuers will be able to find out easily. Don’t worry about battery discharge as it uses just a small amount of electricity.
– During day time it is better to tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna of your car.
– Do ensure the exhaust pipe is not clogged with mud, ice or snow as under such circumstances deadly carbon monoxide gas can leak into the passenger compartment.

Tips to follow while driving in snow

– It is very important to accelerate and decelerate slowly. This will regain traction smoothly and avoid skids too. Don’t forget that the car will take longer time to slow down in icy roads.
– Know your brakes properly while driving in snow. Threshold braking is the best to stop the car in icy roads. Use the brake pedal with steady pressure.
– Don’t stop unnecessarily if you can avoid it as it takes more inertia to start from a full stop compared to get moving slowly.

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