What Google Home Can Do For You. Do You Know

Google Home is here for about a year and if you are still trying to find out what it exactly does, here are some briefings.

google home

Your Google Home cannot respond to you with “OK, Google,” but also with “Hey, Google.” So this means that you get one more phrase to sake the device.

You can choose specific music source with the Google Home device. It can be from the search engine giant’s own Google Play Music, again its own YouTube Music, Pandora or Spotify.

The best thing is that you can search almost anything with Google Home. It works with Google Search and waits for you to ask variety of questions. Do you also know that the in-built Google Assistant remembers your previously asked questions too. This mean you can ask follow-ups and the device will surely know to what you are referring.

Surprisingly the Google Home can also help your kid to do the homework. It can help in solving a math problem or can also answer correctly the capital of a state, if asked.

Adding events to your online calendar has also become easier with Google Home. You just need to tell the device, “OK, Google: add joining marathon event at public square at 8 a.m. on Sunday to my calendar.” And its done. Relax.

Do you know Google Home can remember multiple alarms or timers. You can set timer one after another and relax. The device will remind you with its musical sound.

Google Home is a must-to-have device for those who are forgetful. It will remember for you where you have left your belongings like you can tell, “OK, Google: remember my spec is on top of refrigerator.” Later when you are looking for it, you can simply as, “OK, Google: where is my spec.” You will get the answer and your belongings too.

A total of six people can use Google Home. It supports six accounts and so almost all of your family members can use it. The device is capable of recognizing who is speaking and so it will give the right information.

Above all these, Google Home is capable of calling to any US or Canada number and that too you are charging nothing for the voice data. Simply say the name from your contact and it will connect you hands-free.

Also, you can play a few games like Lucky Trivia and Play Mad Libs with the device and can find out a song through its lyrics.

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