Spring is a Time for Fresh Starts and Renewal of Life

The changing of the seasons, particularly spring, signifies a new beginning, fresh start or a renewal of life. Plants begin to bud, snow gives way to flowing streams, baby greens begin to bloom, hibernating wildlife awakens to the beginning of a fresh new year. It’s the perfect time to begin a self-revitalization program.

spring fitness

With spring comes a fresh perspective, renewed energy, all of which can be channeled into a fitness program aimed at lifestyle alterations. For most beginning or altering lifestyle habits requires a starting point, something of significance to latch on to. Spring is that starting point with all its reference to newness, freshness and beginnings.

Your fitness regimen should include a clear plan for implementation, progressions and maintenance. Whether it’s the health benefits of exercise or the consequences of not exercising, you must determine the impetus for implementing your fitness routine.

Implementation of Spring Regimen

Once you have determined your motivation to begin, what activity(s) will you utilize to deliver health-enhancing benefits. Activities can be as simple as walking or as challenging as doing a triathlon. Many people procrastinate over a starting date, if you can connect with the idea of a new beginning (spring), and all the freshness the season brings, it’s the perfect time to begin a self-revitalization program. A simple moderate level of exercise is much better than no exercise at all.

Progression of Spring Regimen

It is important not to do too much too soon. Injuries generally occur when you are overworked or attempting to do too much too soon. Moving too fast when not mentally or physically prepared can lead to discouragement, frustration, injury and failure. Considering this is a lifestyle adjustment there is no need to rush forward, patience is the rule.

Maintenance of Spring Regimen

Another important point to remember is that detraining effects generally occurs after about a week or 2 of inactivity, depending on which aspect of training we’re referred to. Cardiovascular conditioning can be maintained by performing three 30-minute sessions per week. Strength training gains may be maintained with 2 or more sessions per week.

Although the deconditioning effects may begin after about one or two weeks it take considerably more time to completely lose all benefits gained from your fitness regimen.

Spring is a wonderful time to start something new; it signifies newness, freshness, and revitalization. Don’t procrastinate any longer; use the greenness of this spring to spring forward into your new lifestyle of health and wellness.

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