Tips to speed up metabolism naturally

Following fad diets contributes to a sluggish metabolism. Age and lifestyle also play a role in how fast or slow your metabolism is. Speeding up your metabolism can help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

Tips to speed up metabolism naturally

How to Speed Up Metabolism

There are a few ways to speed up your metabolism. One way is to take diet pills that promise quick weight loss by increasing your metabolism. These products may work for the short term, but they also come with side effects like jitters and a racing heart. Another way is to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Interval training and resistance training are especially good for boosting metabolism. Exercise increases your heart rate and allows you to burn more calories even when you are at rest.

An easy way to speed up metabolism naturally, however, is to include certain foods and herbs in your diet.

Superfoods Boost Metabolism Naturally

Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, lettuce and zucchini are examples of superfoods that boost metabolism naturally. They are negative calorie foods because they require more energy to burn than the calories they contain. Lean proteins also act as superfoods to promote natural weight loss. Superfoods are generally low in fat, high in protein or fiber and work to stabilize your blood sugar to keep hunger at bay.

Green Tea Burns Body Fat

Green tea works to boost metabolism naturally. It is thermogenic and contains powerful antioxidants. It is effective for weight loss because it helps to burn body fat. Though green tea contains caffeine, it is also available in caplet form with minimal levels of caffeine.

Coconut Oil Curbs Appetite

Studies show that coconut oil curbs appetite,slows digestion, and stabilizes blood sugar. Coconut oil also helps with weight loss because it cleans the digestive tract.

Spices Reduce Cravings

Spice such as cayenne pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, ginger and mint also work to speed up metabolism and reduce cravings. A spicy meal can also reduce the amount of total calories you consume.

Herbs Support Natural Weight Loss

speed up metabolism naturally

CLA, kelp, ginseng, dandelion root, bee pollen and psyllium seed are some examples of herbs that support natural weight loss. They work to cleanse the organs, aid digestion, increase the body’s core temperature, stabilize blood sugar and reduce food cravings.

Fad diets and diet pills are not part of a long-term weight loss solution. Incorporating superfoods, green tea, coconut oil, spices and herbs in your diet and adopting a healthier lifestyle, however, does promote healthy weight loss that will last. Combine exercise with your new eating habits for better weight loss results.

Fat Burning Foods and Natural Dieting

Can eating specific fat burning foods really help someone lose more weight and burn fat? For those already following a healthy diet and exercising regularly, the latest research says the answer is yes. Here are some natural fat burning foods scientists say really can add a little extra fat-burning power to the diet.

Grapefruit Diets Help Weight Loss

Grapefruit can actually jump start weight loss. Scientists discovered that eating half a grapefruit three times a day before each meal helped people lose an additional 3.6 pounds over twelve weeks, without changing their diet in any other way. Grapefruit juice worked, too, but grapefruit extract capsules weren’t as effective.

Grapefruit in the diet is one of the best weight loss foods because it regulates insulin levels, helping the body process other foods more effectively and reducing appetite.

Red Wine as One of the Best Natural Fat Burning Foods

Red wine is another fat burning food good for the heart and the waistline. Resveratrol, a compound in red wine, stimulates the body to block a receptor on fat cells, causing them to breakdown more quickly and preventing new fat cells from forming.


Since resveratrol comes from the skin of grapes, fresh grapes, grape juice and white wine also have an effect, but it isn’t as strong as the results from red wine.

Calcium and Dairy Burn Fat

People who include calcium in their diet lose more fat, especially dangerous abdominal fat. Eating yogurt three times a day helped participants in one study lose 61% more than non-yogurt eaters.

The calcium in dairy products works better than calcium pills or chewable tablets because in natural dairy, different components work in concert with the calcium to cause fat loss.

For the lactose-intolerant or anyone wanting a change from dairy-based calcium sources, broccoli is another inclusion to a fat burning diet that gives a calcium fix to help with weight loss.

High Fiber Found in Many Fat Burning Foods

Fiber makes dieters feel full and helps food move through the body more quickly, preventing fat absorption from food. There are two forms of fiber, soluble and insoluble. It’s a good idea to get a mix of these two types from things like fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole wheat.

Nuts are another way to get a high-fiber fix. While nuts may be higher in fat, scaring away some dieters, studies have shown that the fat in nuts is countered by the high fiber levels. The fiber in nuts actually lowers fat absorption, helping the body avoid absorbing the fat in other foods, too.

Tea is Helpful for Weight Loss

There have been many scientific studies linking tea consumption to weight loss. One or more cups of tea a week for at least six months has been shown to give people almost a 20% lower body fat percentage. Tea works because the catechins in tea stimulate the body to use up exisiting fat for energy. Green tea is especially helpful for weight loss.

Drinking tea over many years increases the effect, helping dieters maintain weight loss for decades on end.

Hot Peppers Are Also Weight Loss Foods

The capsaicin in hot peppers, the part that makes them spicy, has the added effect of increasing fat burning in the body by boosting metabolism. Capsaicin also decreases cholesterol, adding to its healthy reputation as one of the best fat burning foods.

The more capsaicin found in a pepper, the more fat burning power it has. Habanero and Scotch bonnet are two of the most powerful peppers found in cooking, but even a jalapeno and cayenne pepper diet will help with weight loss if used regularly.

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