Top 5 Best Christmas Trees That You Can Find Online To Buy on Amazon

With Christmas being less than a month, the celebrations are going to be started. These 25 days are the most celebrated days of the year throughout the world. That being said, the first thing that reminds us of Christmas is the Christmas tree. While people used to grow the tree and decorate it with their might in the past; these days no one is having enough time and patience to effort them in growing a tree. As an alternative, the artificial Christmas trees are being sold outside and saying that they are no less than the original trees is not an exaggeration.

best Christmas trees

Therefore, check out these Top 5 Best Christmas Trees and buy them for this Christmas.

Balsam Fir: Looking for a giant tree? This 7.5 foot Balsam Hill is what you want. Not only is it natural looking, but the lush green texture will help you to keep it real. Being the most expensive, it is the best of the best Christmas trees for a reason. It comes with extensive decorations that can be hung in the form of balls, gift boxes, confetti glitters and of course the lights. You can find a foot pedal on/off switch for the lights along with the electrical connection for the toppers. Apart from that, you can also get two big packer bags to store all the decorations till the next Christmas.

Noble Classic Tree: If you’re looking for a classic tree, this is your best bet. Because of the thick branches, you can hang a ton on every branch to make it full. With 9 foot height, it comes with 800 warm LED lights. The branch tips are around 2600. 2600. Imagine, the giantess and the needles are made of PVC and polyethylene.  The best part about this tree is that you can get a warranty of 5 years for the lights and a 15 year warranty for construction says it’s worth to spend every penny on the best Christmas trees collection.

Traditional Pick: Around 7.5 feet in height and a 60-inch diameter, if you’re looking for a tree that goes well with your traditional interior; it’s high time that you buy this tree. Made of both PE needles for a realistic effect and PVC needles for strength, this tree has 5,700 branch tips which are not a joke! The leaf shape gives you the most natural Christmas tree look and you can decorate it with authentic decorations instead of artificial ones to make it even more beautiful.

Space Saver: When you don’t have much shape in your living room but still are here to look for best Christmas trees; you got a bonanza here. Narrow in shape with 6.5 ft high; this tree is 42 inches in diameter and is 7.5 feet tall. The best part is that it boasts the smaller circumference with PVC needles that give the fullness. It has around 1500 tips surrounded by 500 clear lights. It offers a 3 year warranty including extra bulbs, foot pedal on/off switch, fuses.

Custom Kid: Again a narrow one, this tree is 52 inches thick and 7.5 feet high. It has a combination of both PVC needles and PE needles with 2300 tips and 950 clear lights. The best part is that you can customize the tree as it offers either white or multi-colored lights.

That being said, buy any one of the best Christmas trees that suits you the best! Happy Christmas 😀

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