Hop in your car and up your Insta game with these London and Essex hot spots

Hop in your car and up your Insta game with these London and Essex hot spots

Feel like your Instagram feed could do with a little bit of a boost? Eager to find new spots to drive to in East London, or there abouts? Well, allow us to bring these two desires together.

Once you pass your test and get your first car, your eyes are open to so many new places to go and things to see. But let’s be honest – if you don’t post it on the ‘gram, did it even happen? So, grab your phone or camera and get ready to start clicking. Your feed is about to be taken from zero to hero as you park up in these scenic hot spots and get ready to pose.

Pumpkin picking in Colchester

Want to get the perfect Autumn-come-Halloween shot for your grid? Well, what could be better than a trip to the Pumpkin Patch to engage in some festive activities whilst we prepare for the colder months. As you get behind the wheel, set your satnav for CO6 3PR and get the show on the road! Colchester is just under an hour away from Romford, simply up the A12. Set across Foxes Farm, you will get the chance to pick your very own pumpkins direct from the field where they have been scattered. Once you’ve gathered your goods, pull out your smartphone and start taking those snaps, with your new-found orange baby held tightly under your arm.

You must book before visiting this location, to ensure that you’re guaranteed a slot to pick your pumpkin. Once you’ve made your selections, and before you’ve paid a pretty penny or two to take them home, it’s time for the photoshoot to begin!

Click here to see other people’s pumpkin shots at Foxes Farm.

Greenwich Park

If you’re familiar at all with the more scenic areas of London, then we’re sure you will have heard of Greenwich Park. Pull out your satnav and tap in SE10 8QY to reach the outskirts of the park, your starting point for your adventure. This stretch of fresh greenery incapsulates an amazing mixture of 17th century landscapes, stunning natural gardens and holds a rich history that dates all the way back to Roman times. The park is a lot more than just a stroll in the… well, park, as it also offers several monuments, landmarks and wildlife-viewing opportunities. As you enter the Royal park, there is a vast car park available to you, at a debatably reasonable £1.20 charge per hour, presenting an opportunity for newer drivers to practice their parking skills!

Within this picturesque location, there are several gardens that you can choose to pose within. The rose garden is the most popular option, located on the eastern side of the park. Use the colourful roses as a romantic backdrop for your next couple’s photoshoot to wow all your followers, or go it alone and be the star of the show!

Find out what other backdrops are on offer by clicking here!

Roof East in Stratford

A hot spot for socialising, due to re-open in 2021 with hopefully less Covid 19-related issues, the Roof East is definitely the place to be! Filled with various food and drink options, with a cinema area, a crazy golf green, and additional sports activities, this roof top is located on the top of a multi-storey car park in the centre of Stratford. Tap in E15 1BB to your navigation device and start your journey. Once you arrive, simply drive up to level six and walk or take the lift up to level eight – where the magic happens!

Your Instagram page is about to get a much-needed facelift with a visit to this entertainment-filled rooftop, where you can capture an action shot during mini-golf, a hungry grin as you clutch a juicy burger, or even an impromptu selfie as you wait for the film to start!

Click here to find out when the roof re-opens, and see what you’ve been missing!

Street art tour in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is well-known for its street art, littered across many streets throughout the district. London as a whole is a hub for new art, but this trendsetting area is the prime spot for creative and urban street art. Enter ENC2A 3QP into your satnav and find a starting point for your tour of the painted streets, and find a little side road to slot your car into. Once you’ve got that sorted, be prepared to have your picture taken in front of the one-of-the-kind Banksy works on Rivington Street. On the high street is a 3D face sculpture that protrudes from the wall, with its tongue sticking out. Grab your phone and snap a quick selfie, mirroring this mystery man’s pose!

If you don’t trust your sense of direction enough to take a solo tour of these streets, then not to worry, as there’s a whole host of guided tours you can enrol yourself on, with a handy aficionado to give you all the key information about the what, where and who of Shoreditch’s street art.

Get a feel of what to expect here!

Farm Girl Café in Hoxton Hackney

As an Aussie owned café that boasts several locations across London, Farm Girl Café is the perfect hotspot for anyone who loves the colour pink, great coffee and a spot of healthy brunch. What’s more, the eatery’s charming pink appearance, both inside and out, is sure to aid you in giving your Instagram feed a nice pop of colour. Pop N1 6SG into your sat nav and head on over to Hoxton, with the perfect parking location being at a handy multi-storey car park in the next road (N1 6JF).

Everywhere you look, you will see pink, as well as vibrant dishes and frothed up hot drinks, so how could you resist making this place your next Instagram photoshoot destination?! Whether it be a shot of your table’s food choices, or a sweet across-the-table photo of yourself, with a pastel-coloured mug in front of you – we can almost guarantee that this is set to be your next most-liked post on your feed!

Get some inspiration from Farm Girl Café’s very own Instagram page:

Now you have our recommendations, and an idea of what to expect, don’t be afraid to start planning out your next mini-photoshoot to spruce up your Instagram feed!

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