How to mesmerize a man, woman for emotional intimacy in marriage

How to mesmerize a man or woman for emotional intimacy in marriage is the biggest question these days. Having satisfying emotional Intimacy in marriage does not happen automatically. It takes time, courage, and work, but the effort is well worth it because it is an investment in the marriage. Healthy communication means that both spouses are willing to make an appointment to communicate, desiring to understand each other through active listening, and having the courage to share feelings.

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Making Time For Marital Intimacy

Loving someone enough to make time for them keeps the “love tank” full, according to Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages (Northfield Publishing, 2004), and director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. Giving someone undivided attention is near the top of most married couples’ lists, he says. But, timing is everything. When a husband or wife has just come home from work and tired from being in rush hour traffic, this is not a good time to start a conversation. Deciding on a mutually agreeable time together, like during a relaxing dinner, is more apt to create a cohesive environment for intimacy. Husbands and wives are better able to stay calm when the time for communication is good for both of them.

Compliments, Eye Contact, Holding Hands Can Enhance Intimacy

Often, it is a good idea, especially when husbands and wives want to discuss a difficult subject, to start with a compliment, then move into the subject. More than anything, husbands want respect and wives want unconditional love. “It’s the secret to marriage that every couple seeks, and yet few couples ever find,” reflects Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, author of, Love & Respect (Thomas Nelson, 2004). The right approach makes husbands and wives more willing to listen to each other. Some intimacy enhancing tips include:

Use a soft voice. No one wants to get blasted.
Use good eye contact. It shows genuine care and concern.
Don’t interrupt. Good communication is give and take.
Listen to the feelings behind the words. Seek to understand.
Be aware of body language. It helps to understand feelings.
Hold hands. It can help defuse angry feelings from escalating.
Learning to Be Transparent Fosters Intimacy in Marriage

Most husbands and wives have no problem giving their opinions about something, but when it comes to expressing their feelings about something, this if far more difficult. Most people tend to bury their feelings and often don’t realize themselves what they are feeling. To help bring out feelings, which are crucial in communication in order to have intimacy in marriage, Dr. Vickie Foster, a psychologist specializing in marriage and family counseling in Newport Beach, California, offers this suggestion: “Spouses can write down on a piece of paper what they are feeling physically and emotionally, then share these feelings with each other. This is especially helpful where there is conflict.”

Intimacy And Communication in Marriage

While obtaining a satisfying intimate marital relationship is not easy, it is the key to communication in marriage and to a happy marriage. Learning to pick a right time and approach is crucial to creating marital intimacy. In addition, making an effort to listen, and share feelings is vital to growing intimacy in the marriage.

Intimacy in Marriage is More Than Sex

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Marriage does not only means how to mesmerize a man or woman even though many married couples regard sex as the ultimate form of intimacy but this is not necessarily the case, True intimacy is composed of a number of factors which are discussed by Robyn Salisbury in her book, Staying in Love (Random House, 2009). She explains how each of these appears in a marriage relationship.

What is True Intimacy Between Two People

Intimacy is something that grows and it can be cultivated and developed with understanding and effort. It is often referred to as an openness and connection between two people that allow them to feel relaxed and unashamed with each other. Couples need to spend time together to form an intimate relationship.

How Does Intimacy Manifest in Marriage

There are different types of intimacy and all marriages will have strengths and weaknesses. Here are some areas where intimacy can be developed and know how to get your husband to notice you or how to attract your husband in bed.

Physical contact including sexual and non-sexual touch and affection works. It is perfect answer for how to mesmerize a man. It is important to note that sex on its own may involve physical intimacy but may not have any kind of spiritual or psychological connection.

Emotional connections that enable spouses to understand what their partner is thinking and feeling.

Psychological intimacy includes being open and honest with each other and working on areas such as self-esteem, trust and self-awareness.

Operational intimacy refers to sharing roles around the home and dealing with children. Married couples need to know what each other thinks in various areas and learn to work together as they run a household smoothly.

Social intimacy comes from sharing friends, hobbies, interests and activities. This is not to say that couples shouldn’t have personal interests and time out to indulge in these.

Spiritual intimacy includes religious beliefs and the connection of mind, body and soul.

The Benefits of Intimacy Between Spouses

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Intimacy grows during times of sharing and love and builds strength into a marriage. People need intimacy and the feelings of warmth, love and security that come with it. Intimacy is the feeling of being comfortable with a spouse and knowing in advance how he or she will respond to a given situation. The connectedness creates a solid foundation that will help marriages survive when tough times come and difficult situations arise. The basic questions here arises is how to attract your husband in bed and how to get your husband to notice you.

Many people equate sex with intimacy but that is only a small part of it. True intimacy involves every facet of daily life including the running of a household, and religious beliefs. It is important for couples to cultivate intimacy as it creates a strong foundation for marriages through the feeling of being connected to and loved by another person.

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