Soak Up the Sun in Santa Clara California

If you’ve never been, you probably have at least some desire to visit California in your life. At least, you should! It is the most populated state in the US, and it boasts an incredible amount of things to do and enjoy. Among all of the jewels of California, Santa Clara is one of the nicest and most prosperous cities. If you find yourself traveling there for business, or you’re looking for a vacation spot that’s a bit under the radar, read this Santa Clara guide before you make up your mind.

Soak Up the Sun Soak Up the Sun in Santa Clara California

Are you a sports fan? Perhaps you would like to check out the 49ers museum at Levi’s Stadium. One of the most storied teams in the NFL, the 49ers continue to dazzle their fans with their vaunted history that continues on to this day. The museum is presented by Sony and has a number of exhibits that you can gawk at in amazement of the team’s accomplishments.

California’s Great America amusement park is one of the best amusement parks in the nation. It’s a giant rollercoaster park that also houses a full water park within its walls. You basically get a two for one deal when you purchase a ticket!

We all know that so much of our technologies come from California these days. However, did you know that there is a museum that documents the history of computer technology? There is, in Santa Clara. There is some incredible history there that can help you make a connection between the devices that you use and love today and how they came to be in the first place.

California's Great America amusement park Soak Up the Sun in Santa Clara California

Finally, those who enjoy the arts should stop on by the Santa Clara Performing Arts Foundation. It is all about promoting and helping the creative skills of the local artists in the area. It is a great place for people to chip in their support or perhaps even a little money to help those in the area who are still trying to get their start in the arts. It is a great way to give back to the community if you’ve enjoyed your visit.

While you are enjoying all of these incredible landmarks and points of interest you should make sure to have the right hotel. The right hotel can make or break a trip. Santa Clara happens to be one of the most expensive areas of the country, but there are some fully-featured hotels that won’t break your budget.

Hyatt House Santa Clara Soak Up the Sun in Santa Clara California

You may want to consider the Hyatt House Santa Clara as your place to stay while in the area. The Hyatt House Santa Clara has some of the highest ratings and reviews from its patrons, and this is a great reason to consider staying there.

Another reasonable option that’s popular with work and leisure travelers alike is Embassy Suites by Hilton Santa Clara. It’s close to the Santa Clara Convention Center and down the road from Levi’s Stadium.

No matter if you are looking to do business in Santa Clara or if you just want to go there in order to do some sightseeing, there is definitely something for you. You may just want to get out there as soon as possible in order to take in all of the things mentioned here.

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