How to Choose the Right Background Music for Your Video

How to Choose the Right Background Music for Your Video

If you didn’t know it already, background music has a crucial role in whatever video you would like to create. With the proper background music, your video can get the attention it needs and you can encourage a greater reaction from your audience as well. Background music can help you transmit the right message about your video in ways that visuals cannot. But choosing the right background music is easier said than done. Here’s how to choose the right background music as a complement to your video.

The value of feelings

Ask yourself the following questions: how would you want the viewers to feel as soon as they view your video? Do you want viewers to feel excited about a new service or product, or an event? Do you want them to feel warm and cosy because of a testimonial from a customer? Do you want them to grin and smile because of a funny clip? Whatever feeling you want to evoke will depend on the style or kind of music you use in your video.

One good way to incorporate the right background music into your videos is to use Final Cut Pro Audio’s selection of music, which is available in different genres. If you use FCPX for your videos, then you can definitely benefit from this invaluable plug in, which features inspirational music, disco, uplifting music, electronic and cinematic music, and so much more.

Avoid ‘fakes’

If you really want something that sounds natural and organic using instruments such as acoustic guitars, drums, or pianos, make sure to find music or a track which uses the real instruments. Although there are some samples which can sound great, the digital adaptation or version of a real instrument will sometimes sound dated and ‘fake,’ so make sure the track you choose is of the best quality.

Keep it in the background

How to Choose the Right Background Music for Your VideoThe reason why it’s called background music is that you don’t want it competing with someone’s voice or the main sound of your video. It is music that hardly gets noticed but still plays an important role in setting the tone. With this in mind, be wary of songs which have certain sonic portions or elements which can compete with the voice of humans. Sonic portions or elements such as vocals and group choruses or shouts can distract your viewers, for example, but the same is true for elements such as a piano melody that is too upbeat or the sound of someone whistling.

Choosing the proper background music can be quite a challenge, especially for beginners. But the proper tools and tracks can make a big difference; if you want your video to get a real boost, then choose your music carefully. It will truly be worth it in the end.

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