Pros and Cons of Living in Housing Developments

Pros and Cons of Living in Housing Developments

When home buyers are looking for homes the top five things that influence their decision are the location of the property, the cost of the house, quality of utility services, state of the home, and the fit with their lifestyle. It is tough work finding the right compromise between all these factors, especially with individual wants and needs. For example, you could find a home that ticks all your desires and more. However, it could be too far away from your job. Finding a house in a housing development could be an option.

What is holding you back?

 Many cons come with buying a home in a housing development, but they are cons that come with the territory. Are you ready to buy a house? Purchasing property is just as risky as developing it. You do not know how well the area will improve. You do not know if your house will age well with your family. You do not know if you will be able to sell the home easily if you choose to move to bigger and better opportunities. It requires a lot of research to put your trust in a company, before buying into what they are selling.

Another thing that could be holding you back is dealing with the fine print. Housing developments could have additional rules that come with being a part of a small community. Road rules, noise control, and other details could be holding you back.

The majority of the cons depend on you and how you perceive them. The biggest issue you might encounter, which can also be the biggest asset, is the community. A housing development tends to be close-knit. If you have problems with your neighbours, it can sour the whole experience and maybe even prompt you to move. Unlike renting apartments, you cannot move out as quickly since you will have made a significant investment in your new home.

What could be pushing you forward?


 Related to the last point made against housing developments – the community can be one of the biggest assets as well. Housing developments are a popular choice for homeowners with children. When a lot of people are looking for a place to raise their children safely, it becomes an environment that can grow with you. Play dates and group projects can happen two doors down.

Housing developments try to position themselves in the most advantageous location possible. Since they aren’t in town, they try to be a midpoint between locations. For example, the new developments Meath offers are between Dublin and the countryside; this maximises the range of activities for homeowners. Access to the city allows them to participate in activities that would have been difficult to sustain in the countryside, as well as more work opportunities. Access to the country allows people to wind down and relax with leisure sports.

They also try to have a little bit of everything nearby – schools, churches, stores, and other necessities. Housing developments are made to be convenient; to have poor to no access to basic needs would go against their main purpose.

People on the look for their forever home should consider what housing developments have to offer. When done well they can become a sanctuary that fosters your lifestyle among friends.

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