All You Need To Know About FIP 2020 World Polo Championship

All You Need To Know About FIP 2020 World Polo Championship

It refers to an international tournament involving different countries. The competition is organized by sport’s governing body, Federation of International Polo, and it involves competitions between national teams. In this competition, no gender restriction of players.

World Polo was founded in 1987, hosted by Argentina. The competition takes place every three years. The unique thing about this championship is that best teams can’t participate in these contests, unlike other sports. All participating teams must have a handicap of up to 14 goals.

History of World Polo Championship

Marcos Uranga, then president of the Argentina Polo Association, was motivated by a desire to broaden the scope of polo suggested formation of an international polo organization. Early FIP was aware of the relative difficulty in fielding high-goal teams involving national teams all over the world. This management body limited contest to teams rated 10 to 14 goals. The creation of a World Polo championship (there have been 12 contests so far) has been one of the Federation’s massive success in creating greater public awareness about the polo game.

The second championship was held in 1989, hosted by Berlin. During this competition, United States, Australia, France, Argentina, Germany, and Chile qualified for playoffs. Unfortunately, Argentina was not able to make it to the finals. The revolutionary idea of the split string was introduced to mitigate quarantine and shipping issues. In this system, each team is assigned a matched string of ponies.

FIP 2017 World Polo Championship


The last FIP Championship was held in 2017. Australia was given a chance to host the competition, and Argentina emerged winners and was awarded the World Cup trophy.

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Each participating country is given a chance to host the Championship, and it is decided in advance so as have a 14-goal handicap championship. A bid process is used to choose a host of the contest among all countries looking forward to hosting the Championship.

 FIP 2020

The next championship is scheduled to start from 10th until 20th September of 2020. Azerbaijan will host it in its capital city, Baku.  It will be the 13th contest ever planned since its creation in 1987.

institute All You Need To Know About FIP 2020 World Polo Championship

FIP is an institution that prepares for World Polo Championship

This body is in charge of appointing authorities’ personnel who will control and oversee the championship.

Is World Polo Championship different from previous editions?

It is different in the sense that the qualifying process was conducted over five zones. Zone A covered Europe, Zone B (the United States and the Caribbean), Zone C involved South America, Zone D was conducted in Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan, and Zone E (Oceania and south-east Asia). It implies that the organization process of the tournaments was simplified, and new countries can participate in this level of Polo championship.

Organization process

The process started towards the end of 2015. Both the Australian Polo Federation and United States polo associations were involved in organizing the 2017 World Polo Championship. They ensure that everything is conducted as planned. The Sydney Polo Club plays an essential role in this championship. They ensure that FIP organizes a world-class event by communicating with both SPC and AFP.

In 2018, FIP organized two significant tournaments, both II ladies European Championship and XII European Championship. They were played at the same time in September, hosted by Italy in Villa a Sesta. 


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