Tips To Download And Save YouTube Videos

Users are allowed to watch YouTube videos only on the authentic website of YouTube. YouTube has been helping the people to watch online videos all over the world and its popularity has been immense amongst the internet savvy people. But in many cases users may like to save the videos on their computer so that it can be watched later without being connected to the internet. Now the question comes how can one download the videos and save those on the computers. Below are some tips to it:

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Steps for saving the YouTube video as a video file on the computer

Many online websites provide their URL on the YouTube video that helps in downloading the video directly from that website. One can easily get the link for the videos and download it at the desired place. One can follow these three simple steps that will assist in connecting to the page:

1. The very first step is to go to the video page on YouTube and then copy the video URL that has to be saved.

2. After copying the URL address one can easily paste that to the URL text field and click the video download button.

3. By following these steps a new window will open with the available video formats which can be easily saved. Most commonly used format is MP4 though many other formats like FLV, 3GP and WebM can also be used.

Sites for downloading YouTube videos

Apart from using this box method for converting the videos many other websites can also help in downloading the YouTube videos. Some of the common websites for downloading and watching YouTube videos are:




Methods for watching FLV video on the computer

One can easily download the .flv file to the computer that needs a player that may support .flv files. Some of the players that can assist the user in watching the .flv videos are:

> VLC media player


> FLV Player

Windows Media Player also helps in playing the videos for the Microsoft Windows users and all they need to play these videos are the right codec. One can download and install the CCCP codec for the same.

Methods for transforming YouTube Videos to another movie format

Various software programme and available online services allow users to convert the FLV file into another format. Some of the free products and services recommended for the same are:

Vixy – A wonderful online service that allows all the users to save and download the YouTube video files into any other kind of format.

Media Convert – An amazing online service providing platform that can easily convert FLV files into numerous other formats.

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