How to Make your Holiday with the Kids a Success

How to Make your Holiday with the Kids a Success

If the thought of going on a trip with your kids bring feelings other than joy, then you are not alone, travelling with kids has its own peculiar set of logistical challenges.

As tricky as travelling with kids is, it gets trickier during holiday seasons like Christmas, Easter, summer holidays and the likes.

Flight delays, long queues, security checks, luggage drama, and the long roads through the middle of nowhere all add to the complexity of travelling with minors.

Today, we will look into a few ways you can improve the experience on your next trip with the kids.

Involve the Entire Family

It is essential to get the little ones and your spouse interested and psyched for the trip, do not wait until the last minute before letting them in on plans and logistics.

Ensure your kids are involved in the trip planning process, give them little tasks to do to get them interested and feel like they are contributing. Once you have finalised all the details of your trip, brief everyone on what you have planned.

Your kids will feel more secure when they know what to expect before during and after the trip.

Flexibility and Stress Management

If you are traveling with multiple kids you are going to get stressed; it is not a question of if, it is more of when.

When your stress level begins to increase, take deep breaths in, and exhale the tension out. It is essential to stay calm no matter how crazy things get. Your kids and significant other are looking up to you and the moment you breakdown it will be hard to pick up the pieces.

When planning, you should also make provisions for flexibility and changes in plans. If plan A falls apart, move on to plan B.

Recoup Time

One underrated aspect to travelling long distances is giving your kids and yourself time to recuperate, and get used to a new climate and possibly timezone.

It does not matter if you are driving or flying, try to set aside the first 24hours after you arrive at your destination for rest and adjustment.

If you must venture out during the first day, try to stay as close to your hotel or residence as possible, keep your visits on the first day short and simple.

Create an Agenda

Create an holiday Agenda

Before embarking on a trip, it is crucial to identify the places your family would visit and activities you will get involved in. If your trip lasts for eight days, highlight what will be done on each day, how long your family will do it for and iron out the little details.

When you have a holiday agenda, you do things more consciously; it will also help you avoid spending money unnecessarily. Know all the places you will visit and how much it will cost you to commute between there and your residence and how much they charge for entrance and activities.

Pack with Intent

Mastering the skill of efficiently packing is not easy; this is further complicated when we have offsprings. It is crucial to not only pack what we will need but also what we hope we will not need.

If you have babies, you should seriously consider investing in a light-weight foldaway stroller or pram that will make commuting easier for you and your little one.

Extra allergy medication, multiple changes of clothes, nappies- lots of them, toys, contacts of your pediatrician, and a local pediatrician in your new location should be packed for your trip.

All these and more will ensure that you are prepared for almost everything that can go wrong on your trip.

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