Planning Tips for the Great American Road Trip

Planning Tips for the Great American Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip is quintessentially romantic and undeniably appealing to all of us. There is so much to explore right here at home, from some of the world’s best cities to landscapes that could be on different planets for how beautiful and otherworldly they seem to us. Getting out there, hitting that open road, perfectly designed playlist plugged in, and the wind in our hair is precisely how every summer should be.Road trip, of course, aren’t all fun and games. They can be tiring, irritating, and even dull, which is why you need to plan accordingly and follow this guide:

1.    Rent the Right Sized RV

There are a lot of different types and sizes of RVs and campervans, and though you might think bigger is better on the road, this isn’t always the case. You might feel too uncomfortable or unsafe driving a large RV, for example, which only adds unnecessary stress and danger to your road trip.Then there are budget considerations. If it is just you and your partner, then a compact small RV rental is the way to go. Its smaller size means it is much safer to drive on hilly roads or take corners, and you still benefit from a standing shower, kitchen, and other great amenities like a breakfast nook.

zero waste Planning Tips for the Great American Road Trip

2.    Go Zero Waste for the Most Convenience

Whether you are traveling in a car or an RV, the last thing you want is garbage to be piling up. Throwing it out of the window is inexcusable as well, meaning you will need to wait until you come to a rest stop to clear out your package waste. This issue is doubly concerning if you are in an RV.

The best way to avoid this waste is to diminish it entirely. There are bulk food stores and zero-waste stores that will allow you to stock up on everything from food to toiletries in reusable containers or no containers at all (think bar shampoo) so you don’t have to deal with a growing pile of plastic waste at all.

3.    Pack Travel Wardrobes

Even in a large RV, you don’t want your personal belongings to crowd you out. That is why you need everyone to bring a travel-sized wardrobe. Think of items that go well together, so you have a lot of outfit choices from a few pieces. Choose clothes that can be worn again (like linen) over items that desperately need a wash after one wear. There will be laundromats along the way to keep your clothes clean, so keep that in mind when you’re packing and enjoy the space in your RV.

Bring Comforts from Home Planning Tips for the Great American Road Trip

4.    Bring Comforts from Home

Your own sheets, pillows, and towels are easy ways to make your RV feel like home and help you enjoy a better night’s rest.

5.    Book Top RV Campsites Ahead of Time

Though you will have a lot of options on the open road, it is essential to note that popular sites book up fast. The RV campsites in national parks are guilty of this, so if you intended to visit book ahead to secure your space.

6.    Invest in Travel, Auto, and Contents Insurance

Finally, if you are traveling out of state, then you need to ensure that your auto and health insurance covers you. Even if it does, it is worthwhile to invest in additional travel insurance.

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