Here’s How You Could Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate

How You Could Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If you know that you are just not happy with your site’s bounce rate or if you know that there is an issue with your site in general, then it’s important to make the right changes early-on.

Optimise the Page Load Time

A lot of marketers assume that if they have a high bounce rate then the issue must lie within the page’s content. This is not the case at all, in fact, a high bounce rate usually indicates that your user hasn’t had chance to read the content at all. If you want to help yourself here, then you need to try and optimise your page load time. You also need to make sure that you are minimising images too. If you’re not sure if your site is slow or not, then it helps to use a site speed test. This will give you an idea about how fast your page is loading, and it will also help you to make the right changes.

You’re DIYing your SEO

Doing your SEO yourself might sound like a good idea, but it’s really not. You should hire a professional instead because it may be that you are targeting the wrong keywords or that you are not looking out for the best interests of your site. If you want to stop that then Ocere SEO packages are a great place to start.

Ruthlessly Optimising

Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Some sites target keywords very effectively, others try and force them where they just don’t sit right. They may even be downright irrelevant to the page. If you are doing this then you won’t be doing your site or even your customers any favours. This is the last thing that you need when you are trying to lower your bounce rate. If you want to stop this from happening, then you need to make sure that each page has its own keyword and that it is relevant to the title. If a keyword doesn’t fit but you do want to target it then consider making a blog or something else similar. This will really help you to create a quality site with a solid structure and it will also work wonders for your bounce rate.

Accessible Content

Have you ever clicked on a blog, only to find that it is a huge list of intimidating text? If so then you will understand how frustrating this can be. It doesn’t matter how compelling or even how unique your page is either because your users just won’t have time to read it. If you want to get around this then you have to make sure that you are using subheadings. It also helps to make sure that you take your time and plan out your content before you start typing it. This will help you to break it down into more concise paragraphs and it will also help you to create a better product overall.

Sidebar Widgets

Some website pages are ideal for offering relevant content, discounts or any other material for that matter. If you have a blog page then you’ll probably have something in the sidebar, and this is great. If you go overboard however, this can really go against you, and you may even find that you are not able to get your message across properly.

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